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Delta Flight Attendants Brawl at 37,000 Feet

A Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis had to make an unscheduled landing in Utah because two flight female flight attendants got into a fistfight at 37,000 feet.

The Boeing 757 was south of Salt Lake City when the fist fight broke out between Delta employees servicing the flight.  The pilot asked air traffic control for a diversion to Salt Lake City because he “wanted to hear from his flight attendants,” according to the Aviation Herald. Delta Air Lines Flight 2598 then diverted to Salt Lake City and safely landed.

Delta 2598 diversion route. (

Delta 2598 diversion route. (

The Aviation Herald reports that the on-board fistfight began when the two flight attendants disagreed over “work issues” and began to brawl on the plane.  A third intervened and was also struck by flying fists and the “purser informed the flight deck and the captain decided to divert.”

Delta sent passengers a note saying:

some of our team members did not display their best behavior. We expect our flight crew to be nothing but courteous and professional at all times and what you experienced was far from that. I am sorry we didn’t deliver on our brand promise for you today.

Delta boasts that “Main Cabin customers can access more complimentary entertainment than ever before and premium entertainment is available for purchase. First Class and Delta Comfort customers enjoy it all for free.”

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