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Why Comey, Clapper, and Brennan Aggressively Pushed RussiaGate Conspiracy Theories

Why Comey, Clapper, and Brennan Aggressively Pushed RussiaGate Conspiracy Theories
CIA Director John Brennan listens at right as National Intelligence Director James Clapper testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, April 11, 2013. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Why did anonymous members of the intelligence community and top Obama administration officials like James Comey, James Clapper, and John Brennan so aggressively push the Russia collusion narrative for over two years in the midst of ongoing investigations? Who does that? Why have these Obama alumni been so conspicuously loud in their protestations against the president?

“They doth protest too much,”  Monica Crowley explained in her Washington Times piece this week, as she fleshed out what many of us have been thinking from the beginning.

The best defense, the saying goes, is a good offense.

The key orchestrators of the Big Trump-Russia Collusion Lie seem to have hewed tightly to that tactical advice.

Over the past two years, one of their biggest “tells” has been their hyper-aggressive and gratuitous attacks on the president. Given that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation found no collusion or obstruction of justice, their constant broadsides now look, in retrospect, like calculated pre-emptive strikes to deflect attention and culpability away from themselves.

By accusing Mr. Trump of what they themselves were guilty of, they created a masterful distraction through projection.

We now know that former FBI Director James Comey and his deputy, Andrew McCabe, are hip-deep in the conspiracy. Both wrote supposed “tell-all” books and carpet-bombed the media with interviews in which they regularly flung criminal accusations against the president. Whenever asked about their own roles, they reverted to denouncing Mr. Trump.

With Mr. Mueller’s findings, Mr. Comey’s and Mr. McCabe’s media benders look increasingly suspicious.

As do those of their comrades in the Obama national security apparatus, including former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and his partner in possible crime, former CIA Director John Brennan, who, apart from former President Barack Obama himself, may be the biggest player of them all.

Every clip of Brennan fulminating against the president on MSNBC, every insufferable tweet from James Comey, and every pearl clutch from James Clapper on CNN should be seen with this in mind.

Because there is so much corruption and malfeasance to cover up.

For instance, The Daily Caller investigative reporter Luke Rosiak recently discovered a provision in a 2012 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court motion that expanded the FBI’s ability to share information with foreign officials, laying the groundwork for the 2016 abuses against U.S. citizens. To put it bluntly, “the UK and Australia would be able to trade information back and forth with the U.S. about campaign workers who are American citizens.” Like Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, for instance.

Ace of Spades explained how it works:

Remember the US intelligence trick? They can’t spy on US citizens without a warrant sufficient to clear the probable cause evidentiary hurdle. But if they tell foreign intelligence services to do the spying and slip the results back to the US intelligence community, they get their spying done by proxy, avoiding a judge’s scrutiny and any intersection with the US Constitution at all.

Former prosecutor Sidney Powell told The Daily Caller that the language in the 2012 FISA provision was “very concerning.”

“There is ever-mounting evidence that our ‘allies’ in the ‘Five-Eyes’ world were part of the conspiracy to destroy President Trump,” she said, referring to the intelligence alliance between the U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the U.K. “This amendment only exacerbates the likelihood of abuses.”

“Undercover Huber,” a legal eagle on Twitter (who often seems like a better investigator than the real John Huber, the U.S. attorney tasked with investigating SpyGate), pointed to a little-noticed March 2018 memo from the then-House Intelligence Committee minority:

In the memo, Rep. Schiff (D-Calif.) accused George Papadopoulos of colluding with Russians to obtain Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails.

“In evidence before the FISA court, the DOJ also revealed that the Russians previewed the release of this information to Mr. Papadopoulos at that time,” the memo states.

We now know that the spy in question, Joseph Mifsud — whom Democrats want you to believe is dead — is/was a Western asset, not a Russian spy.

Rep. Devin Nunes, meanwhile, says he’s getting ready to refer up to two dozen individuals for possible criminal charges stemming from the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia probe, including lying to Congress and investigators.

“The American people need to have confidence in the FBI and the Department of Justice. We are working on the referrals,” Nunes told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Wednesday night. “There’s going to be many of them. There are going to probably be at least be a dozen if not two dozen individuals, and as we continue to get more information and build these and build them out, we want to make sure that everything is finished before we turn them in.”

Nunes agreed with Hannity that action was needed to prevent such abuses of power from happening again. “There are people who definitely lied and misled Congress, OK?” he said. “If they don’t go to prison, we are going to have a two-tier Justice Department, the justice system in this country, and it is not going to be good for the American people.”

As PJ Media predicted in January, the worm is about to turn. 

One person who may be feeling particularly nervous right now is former CIA director John Brennan, aka the “Russia lie ringleader” as Crowley put it in her Washington Times article.

As PJ Media reported, Brennan was seen on Capitol Hill last week, colluding meeting with Democrats to discuss “the news of the day” after the latest Mueller developments.