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Tucker Takes on Media Matters Hater Who Derided 'Trannies,' 'Japs,' and 'Jewish Gold'

On his Fox News show Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson took on Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters, who is leading a boycott campaign against the Fox host for making some off-color jokes and statements on a radio shock-jock show over a decade ago.

The Daily Caller — which Carlson co-founded — reported earlier Wednesday that Carusone has his own track record of making profoundly politically incorrect statements on his now-defunct blog, including degrading references to “trannies,” “jewry” and Bangladeshis.

Tucker noted that the Media Matters honcho spends his days issuing outraged press releases accusing other people of bigotry, “and yet — because everything is irony — Carusone is himself an enthusiastic bigot… We know this for sure because he has written about it extensively.”

Carlson referenced a November 2005 post entitled “Tranny Paradise” about a Bangladeshi man who was robbed by “a gang of transvestites.”

“Carusone objected to the idea that this was even a story and ridiculed South Asians as inherently ugly and poor,” Tucker explained.

In the post, Carusone wrote:

Is the write[r] a tranny lover too? Or, perhaps he’s trying to justify how these trannies tricked this Bangladeshi in the first place? Look man, we don’t need to know whether or not they were attractive. The fucking guy was Bangladeshi. And while we’re out, what the hell was he doing with $7,300 worth of stuff. The guy’s Bangladeshi!

“In another post, Carusone describes how a male coach at a Japanese high school had sexually abused female players,” Carlson went on. “People in Japan were horrified by this, understandably. Carusone was not. His advice? Quote: ‘Lighten up Japs!'”

“Later that month, Carusone — now in a frenzy of racism — heaped praise on a former Ku Klux Klan leader!” Tucker continued, referring to a post praising former Democratic West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd, a former recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan.

In another problematic post, Carusone described a man as handsome, “Despite his Jewry.”

“Carusone didn’t like the man’s political views,” Tucker continued, “but attributed them to, quote: ‘his possession of several bags of Jewish gold,’ end quote. Jewish gold! According to Angelo Carusone, Jewish gold is a problem!” Carlson exclaimed.

“Media Matters probably ought to issue a press release about this. They’ve done a lot more for a lot less,” he said.

“And yet somehow — this is the remarkable part — Chris Hayes managed to pretend that none of this ever happened. Hayes never mentioned the Jewish gold. He never said a word about the Japs or the trannies or the Klan or even those dirty Bangladeshis who deserve what they get no matter what the tranny lovers say.”

Few would disagree that Carlson’s past un-PC statements are mild compared to Carusone’s — and yet Carusone is leading the outrage mob against him and trying to get him fired from Fox News!

While the lefties are known for their hypocrisy, hatred, and malice, Carusone and Media Matters really take the cake.

As Carlson on Monday pointed out, the moral degenerates on the left “are not shocked by naughty words. They just pretend to be when it’s useful.”

That’s why the popular host isn’t bowing to the left-wing outrage mob. He’s got their number, and is going on the offensive.