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The Coup Against Trump Has Failed — Is the Worm About to Turn?

President Donald Trump, Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017 (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

It is now obvious that for two and a half years, Democrats and their friends in the deep state have been peddling an elaborate hoax: the spurious charge that President Trump conspired or colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election.

The entire enterprise from the beginning was always about defeating Trump — either by planting smears in the media in 2016 to prevent his election or if that didn’t succeed, by doubling down on the investigation in an effort to keep the president from uncovering their election-year espionage malfeasance.

But the honey-badger president didn’t care and said he did nuthin’ wrong and didn’t try to stop it. So the “rigged investigation” led by “13 angry Democrats” lumbered on for nearly two years, racking up several process crimes and unrelated financial crimes in the process — all  while trying the nation’s patience.

Then The New York Times’ “bombshell” report last Friday confirmed that the FBI’s case against the president was scandalously flimsy. 

Trump’s former attorney John Dowd told Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade on his radio show Monday that he believes the president was facing a “coup” and accused Mueller, former FBI Director James “Cardinal” Comey, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe of conspiring against the president.

“Little did I know that it appears that they were all in it together,” Dowd said. “I mean Rosenstein, Comey, Mueller, McCabe, the whole crowd and they were out to get this president no matter what. I don’t think they sincerely believed anything about Russia.”

“This is our worst nightmare that someone with that kind of power would then decide to go after the president. I mean, it’s a coup,” Dowd added. “That’s what it is — an attempted coup by Comey and his crowd. And the evidence is all over there. I take the New York Times article as an admission of their bad behavior.”

Dowd isn’t alone.

Most people, except a few paid trolls and Democrats with political axes to grind, have figured out there is no “there” there. Mueller is reportedly preparing to show his hand, and it’s almost certain to be “anti-climatic,” sources close to the investigation say.

It’s all over but the crying.

And liberal tears will indeed flow if Mueller’s final report comes out and it contains no bombshells and is unable to prove that President Trump colluded, conspired, schemed, or plotted with the Russians to win the 2016 election. It’s also unlikely that he’ll be accused of obstruction for firing Comey, an absurdly weak pretext for an investigation if ever there was one.

If instead of Russian collusion all that comes out of this is a crummy FEC violation related to hush-money payments to Trump’s former mistresses, Democrats will be very disappointed.

And any Democrat-led effort in the House to impeach the president over something he did years before he was elected that is unrelated to Russia collusion will only enrage his base and provoke a massive backlash against Democrats at the polls in 2020.

Meanwhile, the inspector general’s investigation looking into the deep state’s surveillance abuse before the election continues apace, and a secret grand jury has been investigating former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for months. The OIG revealed last month that it was unable to recover a number of vital Strzok/Page text messages from the special counsel’s office because Mueller’s records officer had scrubbed them. That almost looked like a warning shot from the OIG to the special counsel.

Then there’s U.S. Attorney John Huber, the sheriff who never quite rode into town. He’s supposedly investigating the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One, but so far he doesn’t seem to have accomplished much.

The reason for that could be that Huber is waiting for DOJ Inspector General Horowitz to finish his lines of inquiry to avoid overlap.

The president himself may be holding the ace in the hole. He can order that the remaining damning FISA documents be unredacted and released so the public can see the FBI’s surveillance abuse for themselves. Trump over the weekend suggested that he is waiting until just the right moment to drop the FISA bomb and hinted that some of the miscreants involved in the SpyGate scandal are going down.

“People are being exposed by this that are totally corrupt,” he told Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday. “A lot of the people that don’t get mentioned even in that article today, the phony article in The New York Times, there’s a lot of corruption, and we’re exposing it. And I’m going to put that down someday as one of my greatest achievements.”