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Suspended Pentagon Whistleblower Says FBI's Russia Probe Was 'All a Set-Up'

New documents obtained by investigative journalist Sara Carter show that the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign –dubbed Operation Crossfire Hurricane —  heavily relied upon faulty intelligence gathered by longtime FBI informant Stefan Halper, a Cambridge professor, after he tried to set up several members of the Trump campaign.


In the fall of 2016, Adam Lovinger, a former senior official of the Defense Department’s Office of Net Assessment (ONA), stumbled upon evidence that the deep state wanted buried — documents exposing Halper’s role in the frame-up job. He voiced his concerns about what he had found and paid dearly for it.

Lovinger, a DoD analyst turned whistleblower, had his security clearance suspended on May 1, 2017, after he raised concerns about the roughly $1 million in tax-payer funded money Halper had received to write Defense Department foreign policy reports.

“It was a topic of conversation within the office,” Lovinger’s attorney, Sean M. Bigley, told the Washington Times earlier this month. “What is Halper doing, and why is he being paid astronomically more than others similarly situated?”

According to Bigley, Lovinger was suspended shortly after he began asking questions about the suspicious DoD contracts with Halper, as well as a close friend of Chelsea Clinton and others. He was then relegated to a make-work desk job until April 3, 2018, when he was indefinitely suspended from duty and pay.

Lovinger, a husband and father of three, was the primary breadwinner of his family, according to Carter.

“When Mr. Lovinger raised concerns about DoD’s misuse of Stefan Halper in 2016, he did so without any political designs or knowledge of Mr. Halper’s spying activities,” Bigley told “Instead, Mr. Lovinger simply did what all Americans should expect of our civil servants: he reported violations of law and a gross waste of public funds to his superiors.”


Bigley told Carter that they had expected some degree of retaliation for the whistleblowing, but were taken aback by the “ferocity” of it.

“We weren’t surprised when DoD bureaucrats moved shortly thereafter to strip Mr. Lovinger of both his security clearance and his detail to the National Security Council, where he had been senior director for strategy as a by-name request of the incoming Trump Administration,” said the attorney.

“Yet, we were puzzled by the unprecedented ferocity of efforts to discredit Mr. Lovinger, including leaks from DoD of false and defamatory information to the press,” he said.

Bigley explained that at the time they assumed that the reason for the intense blowback was because Lovinger had raised concerns about a contract that went to a firm headed by Jacqueline Newmyer Deal, who is reportedly a close confidante of Chelsea Clinton.

While they remain convinced that that connection “certainly may have played a role,” Bigley now suspects that it was his focus on Harper that made the deep state panic because it was in the process of trying to frame Trump.

“Mr. Lovinger unwittingly shined a spotlight on the FBI’s secret weapon – Stefan Halper – and threatened to expose the truth about the Trump-Russia collusion narrative being plotted: that it was all a set-up,” Bigley said.



The House Intelligence Committee Russia report and documents obtained by this outlet revealed that the bulk of the warrant against Page relied heavily on an unverified dossier compiled by Former British Spy Christopher Steele and the matter is still under congressional investigation. Steele, who was a former MI6 agent, also had ties to many of the same people, like former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove, who were part of the seminar.

Halper, along with Dearlove, left the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar in December 2016, saying they were concerned about Russian influence. Halper had told reporters at the time that it was due to “unacceptable Russian influence.”

Ironically, documents obtained by suggest that Halper also had invited senior Russian intelligence officials to co-teach his course on several occasions and, according to news reports, also accepted money to finance the course from a top Russian oligarch with ties to Putin.

“What we discovered is that he was actually involved in every aspect of the FBI’s investigation,” Carter explained on Fox News’ “Hannity” Monday night. Carter appeared with Lovinger’s lawyer, Sean Bigly, and Fox News correspondent Greg Jarrett.

Carter said that Halper, who has direct ties to Russian intelligence, befriended Trump advisers Carter Page and George Papadopoulos in 2016 in an attempt to set them up.

But before Halper set his sights on Page and Papadopoulos, he targeted the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.


Flynn was invited to Cambridge in February 2014 for a dinner hosted by former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove and Halper.

Carter maintains that the investigation into Trump didn’t start with Carter Page or George  Papadopoulos — but with General Flynn, who had clashed with President Obama and the CIA over the administration’s false narrative that al-Qaeda had been defeated or was on the run.

“Stefan Halper invited the Trump campaign officials into the lion’s den,” Bigley explained. “This was not a set of organic meetings. This was not Halper reporting things that he witnessed that he thought were concerning — as he has put out there in the media.”

He continued: “We have an absolute, ironclad document trail that shows that Halper invited the Russians — Halper foisted the Russians on the Trump officials at these meetings and at these seminars.”

Bigley said that deep state actors were engaging in “a classic espionage tactic” by accusing the Trump campaign of what they themselves were doing. “That’s the entire genesis of the Mueller investigation,” he explained.

“There’s no question that there was a conspiracy afoot here, and that was to use people to insinuate themselves into the Trump campaign as spies and in order to set up individuals as scapegoats essentially for the Trump/Russia collusion probe,” Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett added. “And the FBI’s all in on this.”


Bigley said that the bombshell documents he shared with Sara Carter reveal three things:

1. Stefan Halper co-led his series of seminars with a noted Putin apologist who spent a decade at the State Academy in Russia.

2. Stefan Halper co-taught these seminars at Cambridge University with the former head of Russian intelligence.

3. Stefan Halper accepted funds from a front company for the Russian intelligence service, or what MI6 believes to be a front company for the Russian intelligence service.

Now that the truth is finally coming out, “everything has boomeranged,” Hannity said to close the segment.

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