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Rep. Meadows Names Trump-Hating Investigators the FBI Refuses to Identify

Rep. Meadows Names Trump-Hating Investigators the FBI Refuses to Identify
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Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) on Tuesday outed two previously unidentified anti-Trump, pro-Hillary FBI investigators who were referred for investigation by the inspector general.

Meadows unmasked the pair during a joint House Oversight and Judiciary Committee hearing examining the IG report on the bureau’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz on Friday referred five current and former FBI employees — including Peter Strzok and Lisa Page — for disciplinary action. In addition to Strzok and Page, the report identifies anti-Trump text messages from FBI employees referred to as FBI Attorney 2, FBI Agent 1, and FBI Agent 5.

According to the IG, one of the unidentified pro-Clinton FBI investigators interviewed Hillary Clinton on July 2, 2016, along with Strzok.

Rep Ted Poe (R-Texas) asked the IG if he could reveal the identities of the unnamed FBI officials who were mentioned in the report. But Horowitz said the FBI was withholding the names from the public “because they work on counterintelligence.”

“So the FBI does not want their names released?” Poe asked Horowitz.

“Correct,” Horowitz replied.

FBI Attorney 2 reportedly worked as the top lawyer on the Russia probe and also worked on the special counsel’s investigation until this February.

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes referred to this individual in a tweet Monday:

According to the IG report, Attorney 2 said, “Viva le resistance” in a text exchange on Nov. 22, 2016, in reference to the newly elected president.

Meadows told Horowitz that based on the IG report, he knew who FBI officials 1 and 2 were, and contrary to the FBI’s claims, they do not work in the counterintelligence division.

“Those two attorneys work in the office of the general counsel,” Horowitz conceded.

“Would one of the attorneys be Sally Moyer?” Meadows asked.

As the inspector general demurred, Meadows argued that there was no reason to conceal their identities.

“They don’t work in counterintelligence,” Meadows pointed out. “If that’s the reason the FBI is giving, they’re giving you false information. Because they work for the general counsel,” he said.

“Is the other one Kevin Kleinsman?”* he asked.

Horowitz declined to answer the question.

Like former FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Kleinsman* and Moyer were reportedly having an affair.

Meadows then asked the IG to look into another troubling matter. “There is growing evidence that 302s were edited and changed,” he said. “It is suggested that they were changed to either prosecute or not prosecute individuals.”

Horowitz answered that he had received “those kind of referrals” and would be following up on the issue.

The IG report also revealed a heretofore hidden text from Strzok to Page on August 8, 2,016, in which he vowed that “we’ll stop” Trump from becoming president.

Strzok, who was once the FBI’s lead investigator on the Russia probe, was reportedly escorted out of the FBI building on Friday. He is still apparently employed in Human Resources.

*The correct spelling of the name of Attorney #2 is Clinesmith.

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