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Ivanka Trump Gets Blamed for Turning Away Celebrity Chef From Swanky D.C. Party

Spanish-American chef José Andrés at "Get out the vote," rally for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton rally, Oct. 26, 2016 in downtown Tampa, Fla. (Andres Leiva/Tampa Bay Times via AP)

A celebrity chef’s hurt feelings over being turned away from a swanky D.C. event became fodder for a host of gossipy fake news stories assailing Ivanka Trump over the weekend.

The drama began when liberal activist chef José Andrés was turned away from a party at Cafe Milano Saturday night after attending the Alfalfa Club dinner, “an elite political event,” which took place earlier in the evening at the Georgetown restaurant.

Andrés complained on Twitter that he was the “only individual” not allowed through the restaurant’s door and suggested that it was because Ivanka Trump didn’t want him there. He said Cafe Milano owner Franco Nuschese should be “ashamed” of himself.

Former Mexican Ambassador to China Jorge Guajardo also blamed Ivanka Trump in a tweet expressing his dismay on Twitter Sunday morning:

According to the Washingtonian, the Mexican diplomat is a longtime friend of Andres. Guajardo said when Andrés went inside to the afterparty, he was asked to go back outside, where Nuschese, whom he has known “perfectly well for many years,” wanted to talk to him.

 After that, he was not allowed back inside. In contrast, Guajardo says, at the Alfalfa dinner, Nuschese came up to Andrés and “gave him a friendly kiss.”

“A little later he would be asked to do the Trump’s dirty work and, like Judas, betray an old friend,” Guajardo said on Twitter.

Another chef, Anthony Bourdain, and noted Kremlin kompromat expert Louise Mensch also expressed their displeasure on Twitter:

Now, spiteful leftists have apparently flooded Yelp with one-star  reviews of the restaurant.

However, a source close to Ivanka has completely denied the story.  “This never happened. She had nothing to do with the guest list and never said anything,” the source told the Washingtonian.

Cafe Milano set the record straight on Sunday, also claiming that Ivanka had nothing to do with the guest lists.

According to the Washingtonian:

Andrés has had a contentious relationship with the Trumps after pulling his fine-dining restaurant from the family’s DC hotel in 2015, following Donald Trump‘s controversial remarks about immigrants. The split led to a big legal battle, which settled last spring. Since then, Andrés has needled Trump on Twitter, particularly over immigration issues.

While Cafe Milano has been known to attract politicos from both sides of the aisle over the years (Hillary Clinton is a fan), Page Six quoted a regular last spring saying the restaurant has become a “second White House cafeteria” for the Trump administration.

On Sunday, Andrés tweeted that Ivanka reached out to him and convinced him that she had nothing to do with the incident.

Andres’ friend Guajardo, however, was not so gracious. He told Daily Caller reporter Saagar Enjeti that he stood by his story and to “give his regards to Tucker.”

Many media outlets were quick to report on the incident from Andrés and Guajardo’s initial standpoint, later updating with Cafe Milano’s response.

As usual, the initial, false version of the story got the most attention.