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Pelosi Says Dems to Honor MLK by Holding 'Teach-Ins' Trashing the 'GOP Tax Scam'

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Wall Street Journal writer Natalie Andrews reported in a tweet Thursday how Democrats intend to honor Martin Luther King.

According to Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi, Democrats will apparently be holding “teach-ins” this weekend on the “GOP tax scam” to African Americans across the country.

If you thought this was an awkward and inappropriate way to honor the civil rights leader, you’re not alone.

Pelosi also said in her weekly press conference that the higher wages and better benefits resulting from the GOP’s tax policy are “pathetic” and “insignificant.”

Wolking is right — this does not seem helpful. Although the country is strongly divided, everyone should be noticing the positive results of President Trump’s policies in their pocketbooks soon — if not already:

There’s good news for the economy. CNBC is also reporting that companies are now repatriating hundreds of billions of dollars (which they had in hiding outside of the country due to Obama’s hostile business policies). With the repatriation rate at 15 percent, the tech sector alone will repatriate $400 billion back into America.

Technology companies will thrive from the hundreds of billions in cash parked outside the U.S. coming into the country this year, according to one Wall Street firm.”With the Trump administration and Beltway imposing a 15.5% tax on [repatriated] cash earnings vs. the previous 35% tax rate we expect a surge of overseas cash to come back into the US with large cap tech being the clear beneficiary for 2018 and beyond,” Daniel Ives, head of technology research at GBH Insights, wrote in a note to clients Thursday.

Ives estimates large U.S. technology companies have $550 billion to $600 billion parked overseas. He predicts they will repatriate $300 billion to $400 billion in 2018, with Apple representing $200 billion of that amount.

It’s hard to see how Democrats can expect to receive popular support for something that is already having such a positive ripple effect.

Then again, not one Democrat voted for the bill and they’re now wedded to opposing it. Not a good place for them to be.