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Clown Round-Up: Folks Fight Back as Clown Craze Continues

The police chief of Tchula, Mississippi, was rather prescient last month when he sent a message to clowns in his area that they could get shot.

“I am more afraid for the clown than I am for the citizens because pretty much everyone here has shotguns,” Chief Kenneth Hampton said. “The bottom line is, if he’s running around with a sword or a machete, he’s subject to get shot in this area.”

Well, the nationwide clown epidemic continues to rage with no end in sight — and some people are beginning to fight back. A video surfaced on Wednesday, in fact,  of a man pulling a gun on a creepy clown lurking in a Chicago neighborhood.

Via the Daily Mail:

‘Look at this clown,’ says the guy in the car, who then waves a pistol out of the window. ‘Get your a** out of there, motherf**er … leave these kids alone, b**h,’ he yells, and also uses the N word.

The clown, in bright red pants, a blue shirt, and full clown makeup, scurries down a side street, but then stops and turns and looks back. When the people in the car yell at him some more, he runs again.
It’s unclear when the clown was filmed but video of it was uploaded by rapper Billionaire Black on October 11 on Twitter. It’s been shared over 40,000 times.

Language warning:

One highly misguided Bozo found out the hard way that blocking the road at night in a clown mask may have very negative consequences. When an anti-clown posse happened upon the balloon-wielding clown, things escalated quickly. “What the f**k is that, bro?” one of the man is heard saying as he spots the clown. “Yo, are you serious?!”

The 55-second video eventually turned into an all-out brawl after the clown refused to stop blocking the road.

First, the driver got out and began whaling on the balloon-holding dude. Shortly after a quick beatdown, another guy got out and continued the melee.

After pummeling the clown into oblivion, the clown-fighters pulled the balloons from the clown and jumped back into the car.

Language warning and content warning. This is hard to watch because the clown really does seem to get beaten:

Miami Police posted a public service announcement on Thursday “to raise residents’ awareness about a string of nationwide pranks involving creepy clowns.” The PSA’s warning is crystal clear: “Don’t do what they’re doing elsewhere or the joke could be on you.”

The creepy clown epidemic has spread globally with sightings now throughout Europe. England has been particularly affected, with one town has finding a unique way to combat the “freakish fools.”

Fortunately for the people who live in the Cumbria area, they’re being properly protected from these freakish fools. No, we’re not talking about the police. For something like this, you need Batman on the job…or at least someone dressed like him.

A “demented-looking” Ronald McDonald clown was spotted outside a McDonald’s in Blackburn, England, freaking out diners:

Meanwhile, the real Ronald McDonald is taking it easy until the clown craze subsides,  McDonald’s Corp announced this week:

The burger chain said Tuesday that it is being “thoughtful in respect to Ronald McDonald’s participation in community events” as a result of the “current climate around clown sightings in communities.”

The company did not provide any other details about how often its red-haired mascot makes appearances and how or whether that will change.

McDonald’s decision comes after a rash of pranks and threats nationwide and abroad that have involved eerie clowns. The trend began this summer with unconfirmed reports in South Carolina. Since then, reports have involved costumed hoaxsters frightening people on the street or people terrorizing others via social media.

A clown in the Netherlands got more than he bargained for when he tried to scare a 14-year-old boy on Wednesday night.

Luc and his little brother were walking the dogs on Theriasstraat when the killer clown approached him. Young Luc decided to send him on his way with a few well aimed punches, the Telegraaf reports.

Luc’s father owns a gym in Vlissingen and the teen has been participating in self-defense sports for nearly a decade.

“I saw him coming and said to my brother: ‘you go home with the dogs, I’ll take care of this”, the Delft boy said to the Telegraaf. “I’m going to get you, he said, and began to punch.” But Luc fought back and sent the killer clown running.


Also on Wednesday, video surfaced of a clown clinging weirdly to the back of a Detroit bus.

Language warning:

The first known clown incident in Montana was reported by ABC Fox Montana on Thursday:

Jessica Christensen and her friend were in downtown Bozeman last Friday night when walking down an alley on east Main Street. There, is where they ran into the clown.
Christensen said the clown had a taser in his hand. Her friend yelled to the clown “I will stab you.” The clown then ran away saying “I don’t want to be stabbed.” Sergeant Travis Munter of the Bozeman police continued to explain that wearing the mask isn’t the issue.

“The mere fact that somebody is wearing a mask doesn’t constitute as a crime now somebody in a mask or somebody for that matter who assaults, threatens another individual it constitutes as another crime now we need to investigate,” says Munter.

PJ Media has previously reported clown incidents in at least 32 states: South Carolina,North CarolinaOhioFloridaWisconsinKentuckyVirginiaWest VirginiaTennesseeMarylandGeorgiaNew YorkPennsylvaniaAlabamaIndianaMissouriKansasColoradoArizonaNevadaOregon, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Michigan, Illinois, Nebraska, IdahoCalifornia, Massachusetts and Oklahoma.

Additional sightings in Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Mexico, Utah, Vermont, and Washington have been tracked by Heavy.

The addition of Montana brings the total number of states affected by Clownageddon to at least 40.