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Ann Coulter Trashes Trump on Twitter

Ann Coulter may be on the verge of retracting her support for Donald Trump over his “softening” immigration stance. During a Fox News town hall event hosted by Sean Hannity on Wednesday night, Trump floated a number of ideas for the audience’s reaction, strongly suggesting he was changing his hardline stance on illegal immigration. Trump seemed to be channeling “Little Marco’s” immigration plan when he posited that illegal aliens would have to pay “back taxes.” He assured the audience that there would be “no amnesty, but we work with them.” The bombastic billionaire said, “Everyone agrees we get the bad ones out,” but lots of “very strong, really great, great people” have told him “it’s so tough” to throw out people who have been in the country for 15 to 20 years.” He added, “It’s a very, very hard thing.”

Of course, Trump’s right. The idea that the United States would somehow evict 11-30 million people was never a realistic position to take, but Coulter, who was one of the first conservatives to jump on the Trump train, fell for it hook, line and sinker. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that she was listing Trump’s willingness to take bold positions—and really mean it—as one of his strongest selling points. The petulant provocateur uncorked a flurry of angry tweets last night following the broadcast of Trump’s appearance on Fox.

Speaking at Trump headquarters on the night of the Iowa caucuses in February, Coulter gushed about Trump: “I’ve never seen anything like it. Politicians are supposed to make a lot of promises they don’t intend to keep. They’re not supposed to tell us what they really mean! I’ve never seen anything like this Donald Trump before!”

Via Politico:

The conservative commentator, in the midst of a book tour for “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” that included a launch party hosted by Breitbart News on Wednesday night, threatened earlier this week to abandon her efforts if Trump is softening his stance on immigration.

Like most of us, Coulter now finds herself in a difficult position as a voter. Despite her disgust for Trump’s pivot on immigration, she understands the stakes.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Squawk Box” Tuesday, she said it would be curtains for the Republican Party if Hillary is elected.

“There will be no hope for any Republican winning another election. There’s no point to what I do, what talk radio hosts do, what Fox News does,” Coulter said. “Nobody goes to the game if you can’t win.”