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CNN Asks Benghazi Father to Criticize Trump. He Attacks Hillary Instead

Since the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya, several Gold Star families have told of Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty, incompetence, and lack of character.

But their voices have largely been ignored by the mainstream media.

When Patricia Smith — the mother of Benghazi hero Sean Smith — gave an emotional speech blaming Hillary for the death of her son at the Republican National Convention, the media yawned. Worse, Politifact actually felt the need to fact-check her assertions about what Hillary Clinton told her — as if they could prove or disprove what was said in a private conversation.

However, when Khizr Khan, father of slain U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan, excoriated Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention, the media went wild. They continued focusing on Trump when he later criticized the Khan family by suggesting Khan’s wife had not been allowed to speak because she was Muslim.

CNN has led the stampede to shame Trump. On August 1, they ran a story about the VFW slamming Trump, and about Gold Star families demanding an apology from Trump.

On Tuesday, CNN invited Charles Woods, father of U.S. Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods on the air. Host Carol Costello initially gave Woods some airtime to talk about Clinton, but she soon focused on Trump’s feud with Khizr Khan, repeatedly asking Woods if Trump should apologize.

Woods turned the tables on her:

I know who should apologize. And that would be Hillary Clinton, for lying to the American families who lost their loved ones as well as to the American public.

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COSTELLO: And as you step by and you look at all that is transpiring now in the political arena, especially surrounding gold starred families — you know, families like you who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for our country — what goes through your mind?

WOODS: Well I have a lot of empathy for all gold starred families. I know one family in particular who’s been in the spotlight recently. And that was Khan. And he was definitely a patriotic, American citizen, who was also a moderate Muslim. And we need to think about these moderate Muslims who are American citizens.

They have the same national security concerns that all of us do. And what we have to realize is that ISIS and other radical terrorist group, they not only kill Jews, Christians, gays, they also kill moderate Muslims who do not agree with their radical jihad, and their interpretation of Shiite law.

And I’m sure when the election comes out next year, they’re going to have to make the decision, who should they vote for, based upon who will do the best job of defending this country.


WOODS: And I think the whole reason …

COSTELLO: Do you, do you think, Sir …

WOODS: … Clinton proved at Benghazi that she was incapable of protecting 35 of her own employees. So how could she possibly protect 330 million Americans at home?

COSTELLO: Do you think that Mr. Trump should apologize to Mr. Khan?

WOODS: You know, I really don’t know what’s been said. I haven’t seen a T.V. set since last Monday or Tuesday …

COSTELLO: Well he has not apologized.

WOODS: I’ve been camping with my daughter and taking her to a rodeo, so I’m not really sure what he said.

COSTELLO: Well he has not apologized. He actually said that he has sacrificed because he has built buildings, and created jobs. And I can actually play a bit of what his son, Eric Trump said on CBS this morning, about how exactly his father has reacted to the Khans. Let’s listen.

Costello plays the clip of Eric Trump.

COSTELLO: So Eric Trump is saying that his father sort of apologized by calling Khan’s son a hero. And that Donald Trump has also sacrificed for this country.

WOODS: Well I would agree with what Mr. Trump said, definitely Khan was an American hero. He was a patriotic American, and he was also a moderate Muslim.

COSTELLO: But should Mr. Trump apologize?

WOODS: You know, like I say, I don’t know what he originally said, and I don’t know what he’s said since then. I — I know who should apologize, and that would be Hillary Clinton, for lying to the American families who lost their loved ones, as well as to the American public. You know, she’s …

COSTELLO: Do you …

WOODS: … in fact, she’s even doubled down and called us liars. Which is not appropriate at all. Because like I said, either she’s lying …

COSTELLO: Who are you, who are you …

WOODS: … or she has a bad memory.


COSTELLO: Who are you endorsing this election?

WOODS: Well my son would still be alive if Mrs. Clinton was performing her job properly, as Secretary of State. So in good conscience I cannot vote for the person who was directly responsible for the death of my son. There is only two choices, and obviously I support Donald Trump.

And the main reason is because national security, as well as the economy, are the two most important issues that voters are going to have to decide upon next November.

COSTELLO: And just the last question I’ll ask you, do you wish that Mr. Trump would stop talking about the Khans now?

WOODS: I — like I say — I haven’t watched the T.V. set since either last Monday or Tuesday, so I’m not really sure what Trump has been saying.

COSTELLO: He’s continued to double down on Mr. Khan.

WOODS: You know, when Hillary Clinton on several occasions has called the Benghazi victims’ families liars, would that be — should she apologize for that?

COSTELLO: Thank you, Sir, for your time this morning. I do appreciate you stopping by.