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MSNBC Host Shouts Down Guest for Saying That 33,000 of Hillary's E-Mails Are Missing

Nobody ever said that carrying Hillary’s water this election cycle would be easy. In fact, a lot of MSM types signaled early on that they weren’t down with this particular struggle. News outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post dropped Emailgate bombshell after bombshell for months on end and almost succeeded in derailing her campaign. There was serious speculation that Joe Biden was going to have to parachute in at the last minute to save the party when Clinton collapsed. But Hillary toughed it out. She endured the onslaught of accusatory reports like someone who knew there would eventually be a calm after the storm.

This was not Hillary’s first rodeo and she knew that with a fix securely in, the media firestorm surrounding her corrupt email practices would eventually be extinguished. She’s weathered many such storms through the years and knew that if she was patient, it would all go away. Whitewater, Travelgate, the cattle futures windfall, the bimbo eruptions, Vince Foster, Chinagate, Filegate, Lootergate, the Drug Dealer Donor Scandal, the Ponzi Scheme and Political Favor Scandal, Benghazi, and of course the Clinton Foundation scandals had prepared her for Emailgate.

That whooshing noise we’ve been hearing for the past few weeks is the MSM falling in line after the FBI’s recommendation not to indict — like the good Praetorian guard that they are. But like I said, it won’t be easy or fun for most of them. The staggering amount of corruption, shadiness and fraud surrounding “Crooked Hillary” makes the job uncomfortable and distasteful to most reporters.

Not that there haven’t been those in the MSM who have stayed admirably loyal to Clinton through all the email tumult. One such person is MSNBC’s Joy Reid. (Yeah — she still has a show. After her weekday “The Reid Report” was canceled due to poor ratings, MSNBC gave her a weekend morning show.)

Reid sat down with conservative activist Amy Kremer, formerly with the Tea Party Express, to discuss Donald Trump’s comments regarding Russia finding Clinton’s missing e-mails. The MSNBC host was never particularly interested in the Clinton email scandal, but was very concerned on Sunday that Trump wants the Russians to hack into Hillary Clinton’s current email account.

Reid was either taking her duties as a media gatekeeper very seriously by not letting damaging information about Clinton’s emails escape through Kremer’s lips, or (bless her heart) she really doesn’t know some very basic facts about Hillary’s emails.

You be the judge:

The segment started off with a discussion about how Donald Trump asked Russia to find Clinton’s missing e-mails. Reid claimed that Trump wanted them to hack her current e-mail account, but Kremer noted the request was to “find the e-mails.” A reference to the roughly 30,000 e-mails not turned over to the FBI. “That’s how they found them. They found them by hacking,” Reid shot back snarkily.

Kremer reminded Reid that it is not known who hacked Hillary’s private server. It is not definitively known if it was hacked at all, but FBI Director James Comey said in his press conference that, “Given that combination of factors, we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail account.” But Comey never indicated who those said “actors” could be.

But that didn’t stop Reid from misleading her viewers. “Hold on Amy. The U.S. Intelligence services have said — to a high degree of certainty — that they do believe it is the Russians,” she argued. Giving Reid the benefit of the doubt, she could be get the hacking of Hillary’s server confused with the hacking of the Democratic National Committee, who officials say was hacked by the Russians. Or Reid might be purposely conflating to two.

It was pointed out by Kremer that it would be almost impossible to hack into Clinton’s server now, because it was either offline or behind FBI protections. She even joked that Putin would have to get a DeLorean up to 88 MPH to be able to get at the server. She let her real concerns about the e-mails known, “What scares me is the fact that the e-mails are out there somewhere, probably, and that we could have a president that could be blackmailed over them. That is what concerns me.”

Reid could not belief her ears:

REID: Nope, hold on. You can’t just invent things! You can’t just invent things.

KREMER: I’m not inventing anything!

REID: You just invented it an entire thing! The FBI has already come out with a report on Hillary Clinton e-mails and what you just said is invented thing!


REID: There’s no 33,000 e-mails that are going to harm our national security. You know that there was an entire year and half investigation!

From there the show devolved into chaos as Reid shouted down Kremer whenever she spoke. “No, ma’am! No, Ma’am! You cannot invent things. You cannot say things — You’re putting out incredibly inflammatory information.”

No matter how “utterly bored” Reid may be with it, FBI’s Director Comey’s statements prove Clinton lied to the public about her e-mail procedures. Comey also said they were only able to obtain roughly half of, “the reportedly more than 60,000 total e-mails remaining on Secretary Clinton’s personal system in 2014.”

He also confirmed that they were able to recover from other State Department servers some work-related emails that were among the 33,000 “personal” emails that were scrubbed. All of this has been widely reported and confirmed by the FBI director himself.

Kremer must have thought she’d stumbled into an alternate reality where news journalists aren’t required to follow — you know — the news. Or as MSNBC calls it, “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.”

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