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'Hillary for America' Has Job Opening for a 'Security Engineer'

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Hillary for America has a job opening for an individual with “a very particular set of skills.” Hillary Clinton’s campaign tech team is looking for a “Security Engineer” to make sure her “internet presence” stays secure.  The person will need to have experience in guarding secrets and at wiping, deleting, and even magnetically erasing said secrets if the situation requires it.


Via Gizmodo:

They’re looking for someone to start right away, and to be honest, “identifying and evaluating threats to [Hillary’s] internet presence” sounds pretty fun. You could be the mastermind against Hill’s next “Delete Your Account” or Frozen meme. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

Legal troubles will prevent Clinton’s last IT specialist, Bryan Pagliano, from training the new new employee. Pagliano, of course, was the former secretary of State’s “go-to IT guy” for several years.

He’s also the only person in the entire investigation of Clinton’s email who got an immunity deal, protecting him from possible criminal prosecution. That was Pagliano’s demand for telling FBI investigators about Clinton’s unorthodox system—a system that he apparently knows more about than anyone else.

Federal prosecutors only offer someone immunity when they think he has unique information that can’t be obtained anywhere else. And for his part, Pagliano’s lawyer has said that the fact that the Justice Department granted it shows that he had a reasonable “fear of prosecution.”

Anyhoo — this is a great opportunity for someone who knows how to “quantify risks in a way which makes sense for the scale and importance of the campaign…”