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Kasich Suggests Other GOP Candidates Are Acting as Spoilers for His Candidacy

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Republican candidate John Kasich has not yet won a state primary and has only notched 37 delegates, compared to Trump’s 384, Cruz’s 300 and Rubio’s 151. Nonetheless, he feels like the momentum is going his way and that the other candidates may be acting as spoilers in his bid for the presidency.

On Fox News this morning, anchor Jenna Lee had the Ohio governor on to talk about the state of the race on the eve of another primary. On Tuesday, March 8, voters in Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho and Hawaii will head to the polls to cast their ballots in the race for the White House. Kasich has pulled ahead of Trump in one Michigan poll where he leads him 33% to 31%. Lee asked Kasich how he feels about the “folks who are saying — the only reason you’re in is to spoil it for everyone else.”

“Well maybe they’re spoiling it for me,” Kasich said rather indignantly. “Maybe they all need to get out. I’m the one with the experience, the know-how, the accomplishments, and the record. And secondly — we’re going to do well here in Michigan. We can feel the momentum up here.” The governor continued, “We’re going to head to Ohio — I’m going to win Ohio. We’re going to campaign all over the country — because, you know, you have to be somebody who can solve problems, not just somebody who talks about solving problems.”

Kasich added, “I feel that with my record, and now with the growing crowds, and maybe a little bit more media attention — we feel very good about where we are.”

Trump is currently leading in most Ohio and Michigan polls, although he is the only Republican candidate who consistently loses in head-to-head match-ups with the Democrats’ eminently beatable candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.