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Report: Chris Christie to Suspend Campaign

In the wake of two disappointing election results, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is expected to bow out of the presidential race later today. He came in 10th place in the Iowa caucuses, and 6th in New Hampshire, where he was no doubt hoping to pick up a delegate or two.


Last night, Christie announced that he would cancel his planned trip to South Carolina and return home to “take a deep breath” and ” make our next step forward based on the 
complete results in New 

Some are speculating today that Christie’s brutal take-down of Senator Marco Rubio in last week’s GOP debate backfired a little bit. At the very least, it did nothing to help the governor, who still managed to place below Rubio.

CNN is now reporting that Christie will issue a statement this afternoon announcing that he is suspending his campaign.

Both sources said that it is unclear if Christie will endorse at this time with one of them noting there is no reason to do so now.


I try to be a Reagan 11th Commandment kind of conservative, so I’ll leave it to Jay Caruso at RedState to say, “Good riddance.”

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