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Clinton Caught Lying About Her Lame 'Speed Limit' Email Excuse

Hillary Clinton has been plagued by scandals — the Clinton Foundation scandal, Benghazi, the Clinton War-on-Women, and most of all EmailGate — since day one of her campaign. And the hits just keep on coming. Poor Hillary’s been under a lot of stress so maybe she can be excused for getting her lies mixed up.


Over the weekend, she was called out on her latest failed attempt to explain the email scandal. During an interview with Iowa TV station WHO, Clinton related an anecdote about an Iowa voter who had supposedly compared EmailGate to a speed limit violation while he was shaking her hand the day before.

Fox News noticed that Hillary told the exact same story almost three weeks ago when speaking at a Des Moines Register event.

Clinton: “You know it’d be like somebody in the Department of Transportation setting speed limits that had cameras where cars were going down a road, and pictures of license plates were being taken and let’s say the speed limit was 35. And then retroactively the police say that speed limit should’ve been 25, so let’s go back and look at anybody who drove down that road and exceeded 25.”

So the Iowa voter just happened to think of the same exact analogy while he was shaking her hand three weeks later. That sounds perfectly plausible. As Ed Henry said,  it “gives you an idea of one of the reasons why this whole question of trust, being honest has dogged her throughout the campaign.”


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