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Former U.S. Attorney: Hillary Clinton Could Face Criminal Indictment in Next 60 Days

A former U.S. attorney predicted this week that Hillary Clinton “will not make it to the finish line” in 2016 because she will soon be facing a criminal indictment from the FBI. During an appearance on Laura Ingraham’s radio show Tuesday, famed attorney Joseph DiGenova said that the FBI has “reached a critical mass in their investigation of the secretary and all of her senior staff” and predicted that it would come to a head “in the next 60 days.”


DiGenova, who rose to national prominence during the Clinton scandals of the ’90s, told Ingraham that if Attorney General Loretta Lynch refuses to indict Clinton, there will be a “massive revolt inside the FBI, which she will not be able to survive as an Attorney General.”

FBI Director James Comey has not indicated when his agents will wrap up their months-long probe into Clinton’s possibly illegal “homebrew” email server, but during a Senate hearing last month, he said the FBI doesn’t “give a rip about politics” and that President Obama has not been briefed on the investigation.

DiGenova said that the FBI already “has so much information about criminal conduct by her and her staff that there is no way that they walk away from this.”

And if Jim Comey, the FBI director, is doing his job, which I expect him to do as an honorable man, she cannot be the nominee of the Democratic Party.

She’s going to have to be charged with the crime. It’s going to be a very complex matter for the Department of Justice, but they’re not going to be able to walk away from it. She and her staff have committed numerous federal crimes involving the negligent and improper handling of classified information. They are now at over 1,200 classified emails. And, that’s just for the ones we know about from the State Department. That does not include the ones that the FBI is, in fact, recovering from her hard drives.


Ingraham expressed doubt that Lynch would be willing to indict Hillary Clinton, given her loyalty to the president, but DiGenova pointed to “vitriol of an intense amount” developing among the intelligence community who will “fight to the death” to make sure Hillary and her staff face justice for mishandling classified information. In fact, according to two of his sources in the FBI, “they are already in the process of gearing themselves to basically revolt if she refuses to bring charges.”

It should be noted that DiGenova has a pretty decent track record when it comes to prognosticating. He accurately predicted that President Barack Obama would shed tears during his press conference Tuesday announcing his executive actions on guns. “We’re going to get a tearful presentation from the president some time in the next 24 hours,” he said on WMAL Monday.

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