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J. Christian Adams on Rush Limbaugh: 'Loretta Lynch 'Recusing' Herself BENEFITS Hillary!'

PJ Media Legal Editor J. Christian Adams — the Department of Justice attorney-turned-whistleblower — is leading off today’s Rush Limbaugh show to discuss the media circus surrounding Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton’s meeting on an airport tarmac.

Think this whole week of news wasn’t orchestrated to fool American citizens? To play taxpaying voters like a fiddle? Then you need to listen.

Adams was on the Rush Limbaugh show to discuss his PJ Media column Bill Clinton Up to No Good Visiting Attorney General Loretta Lynch” — which was cross-posted at the New York Post.

Said Rush:

We are being played in the standard, common, everyday way the Clinton’s play the American people. We’re being set up for massive disappointment.