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A Tale of Two Photos at the Women's March

Here’s a tale of two photos from the Women’s March this weekend that says all you need to know.

The first one is of a boy holding a sign that says “Boys will be Boys” with “Boys” crossed out, replaced with “Boys will be Good Humans.”

The second is of a girl holding a sign that says “Girl Power.”

Girl Power

Twitter screenshot of a girl with a sign reading “girl power.”

So, let me get this straight. A boy can’t celebrate being a boy, but a girl can? And who’s being the sexist here?

This just about sums up the hypocrisy and sexism of the Women’s March this weekend. They say it’s about equal rights, but what about equal rights for boys and men? These women dressed in their “pussyhats” say they want equal treatment for all, yet the only shouts we heard were for women, minorities, transgender people, and homosexuals. What about the straight, white guy with his genitalia still intact? Is he not included?

“But he’s been the oppressor, so he doesn’t count!!” the intersectional feminazis will wail.

I have to ask, “Who’s being oppressed?” What mechanism of force in the United States is oppressing these groups, keeping them from their equal rights under the law? None. That’s right. Zip. Zero.

A fact of life these women and “marginalized groups” need to learn to deal with is that there will always be individuals who are racist, bigoted, and homophobic. But it is quite a different story when those sentiments become institutionalized like they are in, say, the Middle East among Muslim countries.

The only group in danger of being marginalized by these women are straight, white men. Don’t our sons have the right to be celebrated? If girls have the right to girl power, don’t boys have the right to be boys, to express boy power?

Yet, they don’t. Men in college are deemed guilty before proven innocent in sexual assault cases. To this day, family courts are prejudiced against men in child custody lawsuits. Boys are put on ADHD medicine for — you guessed it — just being boys. Boys are subjected to girl-centric curricula and instructed mostly by women throughout their lives, never benefiting from a male mindset or being initiated into manhood by fellow men. Instead, their identity is defined by women, weakening them, hollowing them out until they feel impotent and unworthy. Their masculinity is labeled toxic, and they’re left confused and bewildered about how to be themselves.

If we still lived in the 1950s when women were disadvantaged, maybe the Women’s March would mean something. Maybe a case could be made that women are the ones who are marginalized and suffering. But we don’t live in the fifties. We live in 2017 when women have every opportunity and advantage men have — if not more.

And don’t start in with the “equal pay” nonsense. We have equal pay and discrimination laws that are enforced. What we have is a wage gap between men and women. And why is that? Is it because women are doing the exact same work as men and not getting paid the same? In actually “equal” circumstances, are women really getting paid less? No. They’re getting what they deserve, and if they’re discriminated against, they have a lawsuit on their hands.

What we have is women who make different choices than men. They choose to step out of the workforce to have babies. And yes, ladies, some women in America really do want to have a family and give up their careers to raise children — and they are happy about it. Given these choices, and the fact that women take lower paying jobs and have disruptions in their careers because of their own choices, they, on the whole, don’t get paid as much as men. Deal with it.

There’s also this whole notion of too few women in government and in positions of power, as if women are somehow not represented unless it’s by another woman. Holy hell, I’d rather have as a leader a right-thinking man any day over a emotional woman driven by issues related to her genitalia. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you represent women — something that was clear in this “Women’s March” after pro-life groups were banned by fellow women from being represented.

But, back to my point about the photos. Until women are honest about what they really want at these marches — abortion and free contraception — and that it’s not about equality, empathy, love, or anything else that sounds like a Hallmark card, then we will continue to have disruption and division in this country.

It’s time we let boys be boys and girls be girls. Not boys who want to be girls. Or girls who imagine themselves as boys. Or women who are exhausted trying to be like a man. Or men who have become emasculated because they either have bought into the feminist lie or they have been beaten down into abdicating their masculinity. As long as we’re on this path, America’s future is bleak indeed. It’s time to stop the feminist propaganda, call it out for what it is — a statist, dehumanizing, liberal agenda — and get back to some common sense.