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[Watch] Alyssa Milano Unleashes Profane Yuletide Attack on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Hollywood despises President Donald Trump for dozens of reasons, but one stands out. He’s too crude and rude to be our commander in chief.

Tinsel Town has a point. While Trump’s admirers relish his pugnacious spirit, only the most ardent Trump Train passengers cheer his worst rhetoric.

So why can’t Hollywood stop upping the ante on it? How can we forget Robert De Niro, one of the greatest actors of his generation, crying “F-word Trump” at the last Tony Awards?

It doesn’t get more crude than that.

Even Hollywood’s “activists” embrace profanity to smite the commander in chief. Kathy Griffin and Chelsea Handler swiftly come to mind. Griffin even hawks profane merch to bash Trump.

The latest case in point is Alyssa Milano. The 45-year-old actress, best known for her work in “Charmed” and “Who’s the Boss,” rails full-time against both the president and his conservative admirers. She’s often dishonest about it, like when she promised to appear on NRA TV but never did.

Now, she’s speaking out against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ new Title IX guidelines. The measures restore constitutional protections, according to most conservative observers. Even some in academia rallied around the proposals.

Milano sees it differently. And, of course, she had to get profane to buttress her points.

Here’s a little story about it, entitled One ShIXtty Gift by Betsy DeVos. Late one evening at the Department of Ed., thoughts were bouncing around Betsy DeVos’s head. She needed a gift, she started to think. A present for the people that would really stink. She already cut loan aid and ignored teachers’ pleas, criticized public school and embarrassed herself on TV. Title IX protects women, that much she knew. And something so good simply won’t do. All night she stayed up, her mind ablaze, the sh**ty ideas pouring onto the page


But the good news is, unlike many gifts that are sh**, this one comes with a way to return it. So go ahead, put one more thing on your list of holiday tasks. Take Betsy’s sh**ty gift and shove it up her — notice and comment section. Submit a comment and she’s legally required to review and respond before changing the policy. Tell Betsy no way, go submit your comment today at to let Secretary DeVos know what you think.

Give Milano some credit. The format here takes on a whimsical quality, assuming you look past the character assassination, straw men, and profanity.

Lots and lots of profanity.

Doesn’t Milano realize the latter may put off some people who may be swayed by her otherwise clunky arguments? Probably not. She’s protected in her Hollywood bubble, a place where alternate points of view aren’t heard, nor are they welcome.

Yes, Trump’s language is coarse at times. So is his demeanor. You would think Leftists violently opposed to the policies he embraces would steer clear of the same.

Nope. Instead, today’s stars make Trump sound like a choir boy by comparison.