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Media Yawn as Bill Maher Cheers for Recession to Smite Trump

Media Yawn as Bill Maher Cheers for Recession to Smite Trump
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Rush Limbaugh is no stranger to mainstream media scorn.

The radio titan caught plenty of heat early in the Obama administration when he infamously declared of the first black president, “I hope he fails.”

To Limbaugh, a “successful” Obama presidency meant larger government, less freedom and more capitulation to our enemies. He explained his comments clearly on his national radio program.

To firefighter-like reporters, Limbaugh’s message meant something just shy of treason. So the media cycle churned and churned and churned some more as journalists far and wide assailed Limbaugh’s rhetoric.

Here’s but one example.

Flash forward a few years, and another media figure said something similar about President Donald Trump. Only what Bill Maher uttered was much more specific. Here he is discussing Trump, the economy and his wish for our immediate fiscal future.

So please, bring on the recession. Sorry if that hurts people, but it’s either root for a recession or you lose your democracy.

Sorry not sorry?

Maher is a very wealthy man, which makes it far easier to root for the economic distress of others. Just think of the lives that would be impacted by a recession all the same. Real people living paycheck to paycheck would be impacted. Or, in some cases, paycheck to no paycheck.

Not very compassionate, right?

So how did the media treat the statement? reports that NBC, ABC, and CBS ignored the comments. “The View” tackled it briefly and served up a critical piece by far-left scribe Dean Obeidallah.

Good luck finding more outrage.

Then again, Maher exists in a rarefied space where his liberalism shields him from most brickbats. He once compared Sarah Palin’s entire family, including her special needs child, to the mutant clan from “The Hills Have Eyes.”

No outrage from the usual suspects. The only time his words caught up with him is when far-left activists said his 2014 criticism of radical Islam made him unworthy of speaking at UC Berkeley.

He spoke at the college all the same, a small victory for free speech. And, to Maher’s credit, he stood up to the Social Justice Warrior crowd without a hint of buckling.

Still, Maher’s recession comments weren’t attacked by the same Hollywood types who weigh in on, well, virtually everything these days.

Then again, that’s where Hollywood stands in 2018. The c-word is completely acceptable – if aimed at a Republican woman. Cursing out a sitting president on national television is worthy of a standing ovation, like a certain admitted pedophile received a few years back. And cheering on a recession to settle scores is preferable to letting the American people enjoy an economic engine roaring on all cylinders.

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