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This 'Devastated Ben Rhodes Finds Out Hillary Lost' Video Remix Is Amazing

In the category of “drinking liberal tears,” there are a lot of boring entries and lackluster efforts. But that is not this video.

This week, a video clip broke showing a completely devastated Ben Rhodes, former deputy national security advisor for strategic communications to President Obama, as he tried to “process” that Hillary had lost and Trump was the president. It shouldn’t be unfamiliar in tone to anyone who knows deeply partisan political folks. There was a lot of this exact emotion going around when Obama won in 2008, though perhaps less forlornly.

Still, schadenfreude is a word for a reason and the video went wide on social media.

Then this happened.

But the Internet wasn’t done with Rhodes yet:

Sorry you’re sorry, but these are hilarious.

The original clip is from a documentary that was being filmed covering the final year of the Obama administration and will air on HBO.

Probably not one of these versions though.



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