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'Texans Are No Longer Safe': Attorney General Candidate Highlights Horrifying Violent Crimes

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Ankle monitors seem to have come in vogue with soft-on-crime prosecutors, who are also in vogue in many American cities.

In Austin, a many-times convicted criminal was out of jail and sporting one of the fashionable felon accessories when he went on a crime spree of 10 violent armed robberies and then led local and state police on a chase halfway across Texas recently. The ankle monitor he was required to wear didn’t stop him. It’s a miracle no one was killed.

A similar ankle monitor didn’t stop a man from murdering a woman and wounding a one-year-old baby in Houston this week.

A woman is dead and her 1-year-old child was injured after police said the child’s father shot them during a domestic violence incident.

It happened at about 10:30 a.m. Thursday at an apartment complex in the 11200 block of Westpark Drive, which is in the Westchase area.

Houston police said witnesses reported hearing the woman and man arguing in a parking lot, and then seconds later, they said they heard gunshots.

He shot her four times; she did not survive.

Former Texas Supreme Court Justice and current candidate for state attorney general Eva Guzman, Republican from Houston, slammed the prosecutor and courts that allowed the man to go free.

Today, in Houston, my hometown, a young woman holding her one-year-old child was murdered by a man who was out on bond for seven felony charges and was wearing an ankle monitor. Today, is the one year old’s birthday and the justice system in Houston allowed a criminal to murder his mother. There is no excuse for prosecutors or courts who push a liberal agenda to defund the police and let criminals roam our streets having committed numerous felonies.

Guzman also drew attention to another horrifying murder case that also happened this week in Houston.

Across the city, a family of 6 was lined up on a couch in a Houston apartment and then the father, mother and their small six-year-old child were executed by a masked killer. The murdered woman was pregnant. The Killer wounded a 10-year-old child who played dead and held her one year old brother to escape execution. The killer actually picked up the one-year-old baby and threw him by the hair. Assistant Chief Patricia Cantu of the Houston Police Department expressed the police officer’s frustration at not being able to do anything in the face of a system that lets criminals out on the streets to commit more murders and violent crimes.

That case is as shocking as Guzman describes it.

Police in Houston are hunting for a gunman who executed a couple and their six-year-old daughter, threw a baby by the hair and wounded a 10-year-old child who survived by playing dead and was able to call her grandmother on FaceTime to summon help.

The triple homicide unfolded at 10.30pm on Wednesday at an apartment complex in the 12100 block of Fondren Road, Houston Assistant Police Chief Patricia Cantu said during a press conference overnight.

When authorities arrived on the scene, they found a father, a 29-year-old pregnant mother and a six-year-old girl who were fatally shot, Cantu said.

Motive unknown. The murderer remains at large. Once found, if he ever is, he’s likely to have an extensive criminal record.

The victims, in the second case at leaset, were black.

According to relatives, the 10-year-old survivor said the shooter, whom she described as a man in a medical mask, knocked on the door and pulled out a gun.

The girl’s mother was said to have told the intruder that he had the wrong apartment, but he went inside, threw the one-year-old boy by the hair, then lined up the family members on the couch and shot each of them in the head.

The 10-year-old, who suffered a gunshot wound to the arm near the elbow, held her baby brother and pretended to be dead.

After the gunman left, the girl called her grandmother and showed her the harrowing scene inside the apartment on FaceTime. The grandmother then summoned the police.

After years of declining crime rates thanks to strong policing and consistent prosecution, we’re seeing a return to the country’s most violent days. That’s because we’re undoing all of the measures that worked to make our cities less violent. Cities defunded police. Some didn’t, but have woke prosecutors who have “reformed” bail and instituted barely catch and quickly release systems that put criminals on the streets with undue haste — all in the name of “social justice” and undoing “systemic racism.”

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Criminals are emboldened. Their victims are and will be overwhelmingly minority. Democrats are instituting the policies that are making them victims.

The Democrats’ answer to the problems they have created is, of course, to disarm law-abiding citizens and continue letting criminals roam the streets.

This will create more victims.

Democrats and the media have no problem with this, but perhaps voters will force them to reckon with the misery they are causing.