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Crisis: Border Patrol Arrests Convicted Criminals; Heroin and Fentanyl Trafficking Soars, Pakistanis Nabbed at the Border [UPDATE]

AP Photo/Gregory Bull

If you listen to Democrats and their media enablers, all of the individuals and groups illegally crossing the border are seeking asylum or just a better life. They’re escaping storms. They’re coming to the United States to do “jobs Americans won’t do.”

At least some of them are convicted criminals. Many are drug traffickers.

The U.S. Border Patrol Laredo Sector has made multiple arrests in the past 24 hours. Records checks of two of the individuals revealed serious criminal histories.

“Hector Daniel Martinez-Martinez, a 45-year old Mexican national, was one of seven undocumented individuals apprehended yesterday morning by Zapata Station agents after responding to a Zapata County Sheriff’s Office report of multiple undocumented individuals running through a residential area,” says the Border Patrol statement posted to Facebook. “Records checks on [Hector Daniel] Martinez-Martinez revealed an extensive criminal history to include a felony conviction for Sexual Assault of a 15-year old child in Houston, TX.”

A second man arrested in the Laredo area is a convicted murderer.

“Juan Manuel Ibarra-Gonzalez, a 42-year old Mexican national, was one of six undocumented individuals apprehended yesterday evening by Zapata Station agents,” the Border Patrol statement says. “The individuals were walking through ranchland property south of Zapata, Texas. Records checks on Ibarra-Gonzalez revealed an extensive criminal history to include a felony conviction for 2nd Degree Reckless Homicide in Milwaukee, WI.”

In both cases, the arrested criminals were among groups spotted moving through private property where American families live.

These are among the ones caught illegally crossing into the United States. Many are never caught at all; an estimated 6,000 cross illegally each day. There were 178,622 illegals apprehended in April 2021. This represents a 21-year high and follows the more than 100,000 apprehended in March.

Along with the arrests of illegal criminal crossers, Border Patrol reports sharp increases in heroin and fentanyl traffic across the border.

“Nationwide, drug seizures were up 6 percent in April from March 2021,” the Border Patrol reports. “Cocaine interceptions decreased 41 percent. Seizures of methamphetamine decreased 16 percent. Seizures of heroin increased 97 percent and seizures of fentanyl increased 34 percent. So far in Fiscal Year 2021, fentanyl seizures have already surpassed those from all of Fiscal Year 2020, with 6,494 through April 2021 compared to 4,776 for all of Fiscal Year 2020.”

Fentanyl is feeding the opioid addiction crisis that the Brookings Institute describes as the “deadliest drug epidemic in American history.” The vast majority of fentanyl and the chemicals used to manufacture it come to the United States from one source: China.

UPDATE: The Zavala County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office reports that two Pakistani nationals were arrested at the border on Tuesday.

“On Tuesday, May 11th, 2021 at approximately 11:40PM Zavala County Deputy assisted US Border Patrol on a traffic stop on US-57 in La Pryor,” the ZCSO statement reads. “The driver and front passenger were identified as U.S. Citizens, who were attempting to smuggle 6 undocumented subjects. 2 of those undocumented subjects were identified as Pakistanis. US Border Patrol took custody of the undocumented subjects and U.S. Citizens.”

The smugglers, also known as coyotes, are typically American citizens. The people being smuggled into the country aren’t typically Pakistani.

An Iraqi man was also arrested crossing the border in the past few weeks.