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You Have to See This NBC Hunter Biden Subheadline to Believe It. It's Real and It's Really That Awful.

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The media has finally acknowledged that Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, is under investigation.

Before the election, the media dismissed such reports as “unfounded” and even “Russian disinformation.”

But never Chinese disinformation, despite (or because of?) the fact that China and not Russia pays U.S. media outlets millions of dollars to print its propaganda.


NBC has stirred itself to write about Hunter Biden’s investigation. Here’s its hot take.

How can claims that have now been verified still be “unfounded” and “baseless,” NBC?

They are now, and were at the time, founded and chock-full of base. Not baseless. Hunter Biden himself, in NBC’s own headline, verifies it.

This is the Ben Rhodes media in full flower, folks. It’s only going to get worse from here. Even Fox lets itself get shooed quietly away for even asking Jill Biden about her fully based stories that her son is under investigation.

But do keep in mind, this is the same media that calls any suggestion of election impropriety “baseless” and “unfounded.”

They just might not be telling the whole truth.

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