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Pelosi's Easter Revelation: You Know, Trump Sure Has Made a Lot of Mistakes

Screen Capture from Fox News Sunday, April 19, 2020

In an interview on Fox News Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Planned Parenthood) made an interesting claim. Host Chris Wallace recounted the back and forth war of words between Pelosi and President Trump and asked the speaker if their verbal warfare is helpful during the coronavirus pandemic. Pelosi said yes, she had some sort of revelation allowing her to bash the president.

On Easter Sunday.

WALLACE: But do you think those kinds of partisan attacks by, in this case, you, are constructive in the middle of a national crisis?

PELOSI: Well, I’ll tell you why it came to that. I was very prayerful on Easter. It was one of the first days I didn’t have to be working every minute. And I could reflect and be prayerful. And what I decided was that the president’s made many mistakes. (transcript thanks to RCP)

This was only revealed to her on Easter? Because she prayed? Orly?

Pelosi has spent Trump’s entire presidency bashing and undermining him at every turn, culminating in the Democrats’ effort to impeach him over a partisan witch hunt. That purely political stunt was expressly designed to hobble Trump’s ability to govern heading into the election.

And it neatly overlapped the rise of the coronavirus pandemic — forcing the president and most of his senior advisers to deal with being just the third American president ever to face impeachment, while the Wuhan virus started ravaging the world.

Pelosi’s a leader of the opposition party, fine, oppose your opposite all day long. But claiming that she just realized Trump has made “many mistakes” because Easter gave her a chance to slow down and enjoy her gourmet ice cream from her $24,000 refrigerator is both laughable and borderline blasphemous.

It’s certainly a transparent lie.

What holiday, observance or random day or thing will Pelosi blame for her running off on vacation while small businesses can’t get the help they were promised?

Here’s video of the full interview, in which Pelosi also suggests that those who are protesting the continued economically devastating shutdown are somehow less American because they’re protesting. That’s very easy for a multimillionaire who hasn’t missed a single paycheck during the shutdown to say. Her lack of compassion for those who’ve been closed by all this is ghastly.

And whatever happened to dissent being the highest form of patriotism?