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Riots Are Now an Establishment Industry and Will Happen Every Summer

Riots Are Now an Establishment Industry and Will Happen Every Summer
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Looks like a pretty safe bet that the summer riots of 2022 will be about women’s “rights,” complete with marching vulvas and Handmaid cosplay platoons. But you never know. Polls have been showing that minorities, who are usually reliable Democrat voters, have been souring on the party, so there’s always a chance we’ll pivot to race riots. But then again, anti-SCOTUS march organizers have been performing logic corkscrews in an attempt to loop in the LGBTQ brigade, so maybe that cause will hold sway after all. But one thing’s certain: we’re going to see another summer of riots.


Riots — or at the very least, large-scale organized protests (LOPs, for the sake of this article) — have become an industry, complete with its own infrastructure and professional workforce, and there are big bucks involved. Rioting isn’t going away any time soon.

When I attended a fancy university back in the day, students spent all spring protesting the school’s investments in South Africa and insisting on divestment. In my naiveté, I was shocked to see professors join the protest and the University allowing an entire academic building to be blockaded and classes canceled for weeks.

The following year, big-league activists came onto campus — with the university’s apparent blessing — and organized protests supporting unionized kitchen staff, or against racism, or something. One year, students built a “shanty town” on the main campus thoroughfare for no readily discernible cause whatsoever, again without interference by school officials. My friends and I joked that, as soon as the weather got nice, the annual protests started up.

I was glad to get out into the real world, where grownups worked for a living. I didn’t see another disruptive protest for a few years until the Rodney King case sparked race riots in L.A. But after that, the country was mostly peaceful for years.

When President Obama was sworn in, disruptive LOPs immediately came to the forefront. Almost as soon as the “Lightworker” took office, banks and insurance companies were besieged by mobs that intimidated employees entering and leaving their workplaces. These actions were coordinated with Obama and the Left as they pushed radical policy changes, such as nationalized healthcare or lower-threshold mortgages for favored constituencies. Targeted companies were demonized by the White House and simultaneously terrorized by LOPs to apply maximum pressure.


At the same time, the Obama administration abused its authority to compel corporations to fork over billions of dollars to “community organizing” Leftist activist groups. This technique had been mined for years by rabble-rousers such as Jesse Jackson (and his Rainbow PUSH Coalition) and Al Sharpton, but the Obama administration levied the force of the federal government to bring it to an entirely new level. Eric Holder’s DOJ prosecuted targeted corporations, which were allowed to atone for their sins by forking over billions that were redistributed to Marxist protest factories.

When local street thug George Floyd died of a likely fentanyl overdose while a cop knelt on his neck, the system kicked into high gear. Riots erupted, Democrats hyperventilated, and corporations poured billions into the coffers of Big Protest.

Radical Leftist non-profits put the money to good use, adding office space and manpower and building partnerships with various service providers. You didn’t think all those Race and Gender Power Structures degrees were going unused, did you? LOP production is a massive industry.

And now, the infrastructure is in place and Big Protest’s shock troops are ready to roll at a moment’s notice. Not only that, but this industry is also intractably ensconced in the national establishment. The continuum comprises almost every sector:

Higher education teaches the justifications for the unrest and provides protest training exercises. It also provides manpower for summer riots, when staff and students alike are off for the summer and available.


Liberal government — local to national in scale — allows unrest to spread by undermining law enforcement’s ability to maintain order.

Corporate America supports the LOP industry by bankrolling it and also increasingly creating workplace cultures that encourage employees to back it.

The Fake News media provides messaging support and fans the flames.

Big Tech looks the other way as LOPs are organized and coordinated nationwide (even internationally in some cases) on its platforms.

Socialist policies, such as “free” healthcare, guaranteed incomes, and rent/mortgage relief, ensure that unemployed and underemployed troops remain idle and ready for deployment to a riot near them. Corporate money pays for their time, their meals, and the buses that transport them.

Worse, these structures are flexibly effective, no matter the cause of the moment — all roads meet at the intersection, after all. Whether it’s pressuring recalcitrant CEOs to fund “anti-racism” organizations, menacing justices to support women’s “rights,” or lending a hand to local ballot traffickers (as described in the film 2000 Mules), Big Protest is well-staffed, well-funded, and ready to roll.

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The Left has a domestic army, funded by Americans through taxes, purchases, tuition, and fees, which it can deploy in any number of ways to subvert the will of the people, the function of government, and the rule of law. It’s an intolerable situation.


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