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'Nobody Wants This Crap': DeSantis Champions Bill Allowing Parents, Employees to Sue Over CRT Harm

'Nobody Wants This Crap': DeSantis Champions Bill Allowing Parents, Employees to Sue Over CRT Harm
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Tired of being bullied by your employer, when all you’re trying to do is go to work? Sick of worrying about whether your kids will come home from school indoctrinated with racist, anti-American Marxism? Then Florida might just be the place for you.


Last week, Gov. Ron DeSantis began campaigning to build support for his new legislative agenda item, the Stop the Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees (WOKE) Act. He held a central Florida press conference-slash-rally to announce the Stop WOKE act.

“Nobody wants this crap, okay?” DeSantis asserted to the cheering crowd. “This is an elite-driven phenomenon being driven by bureaucratic elites, elites in universities and elites in corporate America. And they’re trying to shove it down the throats of the American people.” He then assured his audience, “You’re not doing that in the state of Florida.”

“Our legislation will defund any money for K-12 going to CRT (Critical Race Theory) consultants,” DeSantis explained. “No taxpayer dollars should be used to teach our kids to hate our country or hate each other.” It’s hard to argue with that.

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In a statement on his official webpage, Gov. DeSantis said, “In Florida we are taking a stand against the state-sanctioned racism that is critical race theory. We won’t allow Florida tax dollars to be spent teaching kids to hate our country or to hate each other. We also have a responsibility to ensure that parents have the means to vindicate their rights when it comes to enforcing state standards. Finally, we must protect Florida workers against the hostile work environment that is created when large corporations force their employees to endure CRT-inspired ‘training’ and indoctrination.” (I can personally attest to how noxious that is; it’s one of the reasons I left my last employer to come work at PJ Media.)


Fla. Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez said in the statement, “As the daughter of Cuban exiles who fled from Marxist ideology, I am proud to stand alongside Governor DeSantis and support this proposed legislation that will put an end to wokeness that is permeating our schools and workforce. This important legislation gives students and employees the resources they need to fight back against discrimination, critical race theory and indoctrination. I’m proud to stand alongside the Governor not only of the free state of Florida but the woke-free state of Florida.”

“We need to get back to the basics: reading, math, arithmetic. CRT is not something I agree with at all, especially as a person of color,” said Lacaysha Howell, mother of three, in the statement. “Kids are coming home telling parents they are learning things that are incomprehensible to them. I am biracial and my three kids are biracial. This [CRT] is not what we need to be teaching in our schools. I want to continue to keep my kids in public school, but their educators need to teach them the basics.”

The Stop WOKE Act would work by empowering parents to file lawsuits against school districts which they suspect are spreading the poison of controversial critical race theory to their children. In addition, when parents prevail in court, they can also recover their attorneys’ fees. And colleges and universities would be blocked from hiring CRT consultants.


CRT is a repackaged form of Marxism, which divides people into classes of oppressors and oppressed in order to turn citizens against one another. It’s the very antithesis of the United States, which has thrived under the belief that no one is born into any class that predetermines their station in life, but rather, all are free to make of themselves what they will.

The Act would also provide protections for adults who are compelled to mouth allegiance to anti-American, Marxist sentiments by their employers. “Finally, we must protect Florida workers against the hostile work environment that is created when large corporations force their employees to endure CRT-inspired ‘training’ and indoctrination,” said DeSantis in his statement.

The missive then went on to list examples of CRT being taught in public schools. In one example, “Buffalo Public Schools taught students that ‘all white people’ perpetuate systemic racism and forced kindergarteners to watch a video of dead black children warning them about ‘racist police and state-sanctioned violence’ who might kill them at any time.” In another, “San Diego Public Schools accused white teachers of being colonizers on stolen Native American land and told them ‘you are racist’ and ‘you are upholding racist ideas, structures, and policies.’ They recommended that the teachers undergo ‘antiracist therapy.'” I believe the original expression is “Get their mind right.”


Some examples of woke corporate employee harassment were also provided. “Bank of America teaches that the United States is a system of ‘white supremacy,’ encourages employees to become ‘woke at work,’ and teaches that white toddlers ‘develop racial biases by ages 3-5,'” and “A Google employee program claims that America is a ‘system of white supremacy’ and that all Americans are ‘raised to be racist,'” according to the statement.

We all used to make fun of the kids in college who majored in “African-American Studies” or “Systems of Oppression” or what-have-you. Since then, we’ve been frozen in shock, that these mal-educated Marxists have actually built a career system and industry for themselves. Ron DeSantis is the hero we didn’t know we needed.

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