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Anti-Semitic Leftist Who Also Hates Police Enters North Carolina Congressional Race

(AP Photo/The News & Observer, Al Drago)

Radical activist Nida Allam recently announced she will run for the seat of retiring Democrat Rep. David Price in North Carolina’s 6th congressional district.

The Canadian-born 27-year-old’s entire political experience amounts to less than a year as a county commissioner.

She does, however, have extensive experience in hating Israel.

In 2018, Allam tweeted, “This is the United States of Israel,” which is akin to centuries-old anti-Semitic propaganda that Jews seek to dominate the world.

Her abhorrent statements extend beyond Israel into outright racism.

In 2013, while a college student, Allam tweeted, “F*** the police.” She is also fond of the N-word. Her would-be district is more than 20% black.

Two years ago, Allam tweeted a picture of herself standing with a “Jewish Voice for Peace” (JVP) sign. Even the left-leaning Anti-Defamation League describes JVP as “a radical anti-Israel activist group that advocates for a complete economic, cultural and academic boycott of the state of Israel.”

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She also espouses socialist rhetoric, typical of today’s Israel haters like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.


Will this play among potential constituents?

Home to Duke University, Durham is a cesspool of leftism in a red state. In 2018, the city council passed the so-called “Israel Resolution,” making Durham the first U.S. city to boycott police training specifically with the Jewish State. Allam supported the hatred by signing the petition demanding a ban on police training with Israel.

At the time, several local rabbis explained how the council’s attack on Israel was a “punch in the gut” to the Jewish community.

Allam gleefully promotes her friendship with repugnant Linda Sarsour, calling the vicious anti-Semite “my hero, role-model, mentor, and so much more” in a creepy post. Sarsour supports the destruction of Israel, once tweeting, “Nothing is creepier than Zionism.”

Earlier this year, black constituents and politicians reprimanded Allam and two other Durham commissioners for racially divisive policies.

Just hours after the devout Muslim announced her run for Congress, Omar tweeted, “Let’s go Nida!,” while execrable Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison tweeted, “Great Candidate.”

And she sent love back.

In her minuscule time as county commissioner, Allam has reportedly caused division and alienated both black and Jewish constituents, making it fitting she wants to move to Washington and cause havoc with the Hamas Squad of Cori Bush (D-Mo.), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Gaza), and Omar.

Let’s hope North Carolinians choose a better representative than one who espouses so much ignorance, hate, and bigotry.