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Get This: Kamala Harris to Hold 'Grassroots Reception' on Martha's Vineyard

Get This: Kamala Harris to Hold 'Grassroots Reception' on Martha's Vineyard
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Vice President Kamala Harris is set to hold a “grassroots” reception on the wealthy, exclusive island of Martha’s Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts.


According to Bloomberg, the event comes as the Vice President tries to ramp up fundraising for the Biden-Harris campaign. Her schedule will include stops in the aforementioned Martha’s Vineyard as well as Seattle. Harris is on track to raise more money than anyone else in the campaign, including Biden himself.

According to the Vineyard Gazette, one of the island’s magazines, Harris will hold the reception on Saturday. It will be hosted by the Biden Victory Fund, along with multiple wealthy individuals, including a former Obama official,  actor Wendell Pierce, and political consultant Robin Leeds — the very definition of “grassroots.”

Ticket prices for the “grassroots reception” range from $50-10,000 — just to watch Harris spin yet another bizarre 20-word sentence using only four words.

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The Vineyard Gazette reported that the exact time and location of the scheduled event were not disclosed on the invitation, but that it was sponsored “by the joint fundraising committee authorized by Biden for President, the Democratic National Committee, and several state Democratic parties.”

“The future of our country is at stake and your engagement is critical,” Leeds wrote in an email with the invitation. “This gathering is an opportunity to come together, reflect on our progress, and plan for the future we envision.”


The Vineyard Gazette pointed out that Harris is no stranger to the island, citing a 2009 interview in which the vice president said she visited the island almost every summer. The magazine also noted that Harris’ sister, Maya Lakshmi Harris, owns a home on the island.

Preparations for the event are already underway, according to the Gazette, which reported that a military plane had landed on the island.

Martha’s Vineyard became a center of controversy last month when Obama’s former White House, then personal chef, Tafari Campbell, drowned in a pond near the former president’s house. “Tafari Campbell showed us what true character looks like. He believed that actions speak louder than words,” Obama wrote on Instagram, mourning Campbell’s death. The message continued, “And he used his immense gifts to bring people together, provide comfort, and spread joy. I’ll miss him every day.”

Martha’s Vineyard is a haven for wealthy liberals who like to congratulate themselves on how “inclusive” they are. The residents there are so inclusive that when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent a handful of migrants to the island, everyone panicked.

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