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It Ain't Over Yet

Photo courtesy AP Images.

Have you seen those articles alleging that Donald Trump is a shoo-in for the GOP nomination?  Note that these predictions are all coming from the mainstream media and therein lies the truth abut the Trump campaign. It may all be smoke and mirrors and perhaps it’s time to recognize how the game is being played.

I don’t doubt that Donald Trump is serious about changing America for the better and that his son Eric has been an excellent spokesman and defender when he says that Trump has done a great service for the nation and the GOP. “People are finally engaged in politics. My father’s done an amazing service for this country, he’s done an amazing service for the party. What the party doesn’t like is they can’t control him because he’s not taking their money.”

That being said, Donald Trump is also a brilliant strategist and is using the GOP establishment’s inability to understand its base to secure what seems at this time to be the nomination.

More than at any period before 2008, polling data has become the main barometer for determining the public’s political leanings and from the beginning Trump has been leading here. The question is, of course, how accurate are these polls? Are only Republicans being polled or is the general public? Who’s paying for the polls? What questions are being asked by the pollsters? Can this data be manipulated by the media? Of course it can.

The debates played a huge part in winnowing out the large number of players and only the telegenic and glib survived — not the best candidates with the experience to become president.  It was a cinch that a reality-show candidate like Trump would emerge s the victor and capture the hearts of the Republicans used only to Mickey Mouse candidates.

From the very beginning, I had expected Trump to win over the hearts and minds of conservatives but when I spoke to those who liked what he had to say, they also said they would not vote for him in the primary. Now Trump has won in ten of the primaries, but what does this really mean?

Why on earth are there even open primaries which allow the opposition party to select a party’s candidates? This is where Trump is winning because Democrats who have very poor choices this year are flocking to Trump. He has lost in closed primaries and there are more closed primaries upcoming. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will win these, and a brokered convention is not that inconceivable.

Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump, he has certainly made this presidential campaign one of the most exciting but unnerving to the established political forces. If he doesn’t win the GOP nomination, I hope he runs for NYC mayor. He’d be perfect.