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There's Something About Trump...

In a recent interview with Sean Hannity, GOP front-runner Donald Trump said that his immigration plans are not “set in stone.” Of course not — because they are unfeasible and unlikely to be implemented even if (gag) he’s elected president.

“The New York Times is claiming today that they had an off-the-record conversation with you in January,” Hannity started.

“We had a board meeting, it was off-the-record, suddenly they leak it, it’s all over the place,” Trump said.

“They said it’s negotiable on the wall,” Hannity said in reference to Trump’s stance on Mexican immigration and his oft-stated promise to build a border wall.

“By the way it is negotiable. Things are negotiable,” Trump said. “I’ll make the wall 2 feet shorter or something.”

Trump was quick to add that the negotiation does not include nixing the idea altogether.

“Building it? Not negotiable.”

I’ve been waiting in vain for someone to actually figure out why so many Americans have flocked to Trump. This infatuation began with his hard line on immigration but it is not about xenophobia or because these supporters want thousands of illegals to be deported. It isn’t even about national security.

It is about how states and the federal governments are more interested in retaining their political power by distributing benefits to illegals that rightfully belong to legal citizens and residents. It is about how these same governments are refusing to treat criminals as criminals because they are protected by militant activists and the leftwing media. It is about how multiculturalism has run amok, which has already destroyed Europe and is making an inroad into American lives. It is about how politicians are being handled by establishment teams that know nothing abut the average working American. (For that matter, neither does Trump but he’s canny enough to spout what everyone wants to hear.)

The American voter feels betrayed by politicians who campaign on issues that they then ignore once they are in office. The freshmen elected bow down to the establishment moguls who promise committee positions as long as they agree to cooperate. The Tea Party contingent held promise but it has been beaten down by the power lords. Trump says what the electorate is thinking because he knows what they are angry about. The GOP establishment just isn’t interested — and thus Trump triumphs.

The fact that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the front-runners for 2016 is proof that the biggest problem facing this nation is an electorate that has completely forgotten how to think logically and is easily seduced by hype.