A Personal Association to the CURE Hospital Attack in Kabul, Afghanistan


CURE Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan is sponsored by CURE International an American faith-based organization that builds hospitals in developing nations.


This morning’s news of an attack at the CURE International Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan was especially upsetting because my husband, David Adams is an executive with an international Christian/Catholic charity that helps support the hospital and he has visited this Christian faith-based hospital in the past.


Thus, I asked him to shed some light on this incident for PJ Media.

It was with great sadness that I learned today of the horrible incident that just occurred in Kabul, Afghanistan where a security guard or policeman murdered three American medical personnel and wounded a fourth at CURE Int’l Hospital.  In my capacity as VP for Missions with Cross International, I visited the hospital several years ago to evaluate their use of assistance we provided CURE to build an Intensive Care Unit.  What I observed was an extraordinary group of American and Afghan individuals dedicated to providing the best health care in the country to sick, injured and dying Afghanis.  Even President Karzai’s niece was serving on the medical staff.  CURE personnel were keenly aware of their vulnerability, particularly the foreign Christian staff there to serve both Our Lord and the Afghan people.

The thoughts and prayers of all Cross International employees are with the families and friends of these brave individuals who selflessly gave everything to this noble cause.

David Adams, VP Missions – Cross International and Cross Catholic Outreach





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