New Photo Caption Contest: Newsweek Kisses Hillary Good-Bye With A New Title

Today being Hillary Clinton’s last day as Secretary of State, the liberal to the core, (now dead) dead-tree edition of Newsweek (recently transformed into the liberal to the core, digital edition of Newsweek, combined with the ever more liberal Daily Beast, got all that?) is giving Hillary the title and caption, The Most Powerful Woman in American History. 


Now, I am quite confident that PJ Tatler Photo Caption Contest fans will have no trouble submitting their own captions, so have fun with this one.

This caption contest also doubles as the second installment of my new series, Hillary Watch 2016 – We Read, We Report, So You Can Ignore. Click here to read the first installment and justification for the series.

Certainly this article by Michael Tomasky, along with the subject of our photo caption contest, qualifies as exclusive entries in the second Hillary Watch 2016. Besides the caption headline, here are the subheads:

 Hillary Clinton Exits Politics: Her Enduring Legacy

She changed the game irrevocably, and now she’s about to transform it again—by walking away.

All this slobbering leads one to conclude that Newsweek/Daily Beast, Editor-in- Chief, Tina Brown is gunning for U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom in a Hillary administration, one that no doubt, Ms. Brown will do everything in her power to ensure comes to fruition.


But all that is pure, mean spirited speculation. Today let us celebrate Hillary’s last day with a respectful photo caption contest that stays within our rules, “be nice and stay classy because the media is watching.”

You can refer to the winner’s post from our last contest for examples of captions that follow these rules, if there is any doubt.

Good luck to all who dare to enter, and beware, because these contests of late have become quite competitive and as some have said, even brutal.







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