President Obama Cracks Up Before Your Eyes – New Photo Caption Contest

Photo illustration by Isaac Lopez/NY Daily News, Photo by Alex Brandon/AP

Since the Great Debate, our Beloved Leader’s reelection campaign has been caught in a death-spiral of doom, reflected in this respected Pew Poll showing a 12- point swing to Romney among likely voters.


Finally, my faith in the wisdom of the American people is starting to be renewed!

Doubling down on the debate doom is this piece from the New York Daily News with the headline, Why’s He’s Falling Apart.  Not only is this article by Jim Geraghty a good read, but the accompanying photo illustration screamed Tatler Photo Caption Contest!

After yesterdays, “Photo Caption Contest Winner Without a Contest” featuring Winston Churchill and Barack Obama in the same historic photo, I sensed some real frustration among loyal contest followers. So, once again here is a real contest for you all to vent your pent-up political creative urges.

To start things off here is my entry:

Can I blame this disabling disease on George W. Bush if it’s not covered under ObamaCare?

Such a lame entry and I expect Tatler readers can do much better.

For this contest we are back to the normal rules of “be nice and stay classy because the media is watching.

And, as usual, the winner will receive priceless PR in a future post.

Now, go start your engines but don’t crack up!





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