Photo of Winston Churchill and Barack Obama - Historic Photo Caption Contest Winner Without a Photo Caption Contest!

Now, for the first time in the glorious history of Tatler Photo Caption Contests, we have a winner without a contest!

It all started when a friend sent me this photo with caption attached. For a nanosecond I thought the photo would be the subject of our next photo caption contest, until I realized this caption would win, thus making the contest moot.


But, if you still think you can write a better caption than GO FOR IT…however let me repeat, there is NO OFFICIAL CONTEST.  No priceless PR for the winner. No VIP judging from the infamous Dr. Spin. No rules to “be nice and stay classy.” Instead, this is an opportunity for you all to just take a break and enjoy this winning caption while we applaud Clint Eastwood for going “back to the future” with his empty chair speech at the RNC.

My friend who forwarded the photo caption told me it was a forward of a forward times 20. Therefore, the writer is unknown. But, what I do know is the originator will be aboard that solar-powered bus on their way to re-education camp if things do not go well on November 6th.



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