President Obama Meets With Pirate In Oval Office -- New Photo Caption Contest

Today the Drudge Report is showcasing this photo with the headline caption:

But No Time For Netanyahu…

…which means it is time for another world famous Tatler Photo Caption Contest!


Of course we are counting on Tatler fans to out Drudge – Drudge in the photo caption department so do not disappoint! 

To start things off here is my entry:

And then President Obama said, “Hey, can I hook you up with a great deal on a new Chevy Volt?

Now I know you all can do better than that, so go hook yourself up to your keyboard and start tapping.

As usual the best submission will receive priceless PR in the winner’s post, and always remember the only contest rule is “be nice and stay classy” because “the media” is watching.







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