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Who's Next?

Birds of a feather, and all that: the Peaceful and Tolerant Left loves nothing better than heroic, godlike, even martial imagery as it pursues its relentless agenda to remake the world by any means necessary. Remember: they never stop, they never sleep, they never quit. Vorwaerts in die Zukunft!

In the Beginning were the German Beards:

And the Beards were Good And there were Beards

And the Beards were good.  The Beards were also inspirational. Although they flopped in Germany and Britain, they managed to convince the Russians to pick up hammers and sickles and begin slaughtering millions of their fellow citizens, in order to show them the Light -- like these guys:

Die Strahlen der Sonne vertreiben die Nacht, Die Strahlen der Sonne vertreiben die Nacht

And these guys:

The People, united, will never be defeated The People, united, will never be defeated

The Beard  on the next page really knew how to rouse the rabble to mass murder: