Unexamined Premises

The Election, in a Moral Nutshell

If the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was making us believe he doesn’t exist, then what are we to make of the Obama administration’s fixation on female sexuality, and its weird insistence that young women should be free to have sex whenever they wish, have their birth-control provided at public expense, and have carte blanche to kill the unwanted product of any liaisons without consequences? That they are, in short, nothing but sex objects?

Convincing American women that it is a moral good, practically a moral imperative, to murder their unborn children for reasons of personal convenience — what they call “choice” — is one of the Democratic Party’s signal accomplishments. Still, this campaign-closing ad is truly breathtaking.

Agree or disagree, the “choice” is yours. And today you get to do something about it.


Thumbnail Image courtesy shutterstock / Dionisvera

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