Michael Totten

Israel Derangement Syndrome in My Inbox

I’m getting the worst sort of hate mail this week from hysterical leftists, furious Muslims, and white supremacists who sound like they’ve wandered out of the 1930s. Some wrongly think I’m Jewish. (Big surprise, that.) Others idiotically think I’m glad to learn nine people aboard the Mavi Marmara were killed by Israeli commandoes.

Jeffrery Goldberg at the Atlantic, who really is Jewish, seems to get this sort of hate mail on a fairly regular basis. I only get it when Global Israel Derangement Syndrome strikes, as it does periodically.

I suppose it’s sort of interesting—if that’s the right word—to read this stuff once in a while as a reminder of what’s out there. Be advised, though, that if you send me that kind of message you’ll end up from here on out in my spam folder and will be wasting your time if you send more than one.