Michael Totten

A Short Wednesday Roundup

I spent almost the entire day fixing my computer which was attacked by a particularly virulent strain of malware, so I hardly had time to get any work done. Here, though, are a handful of links to stories elsewhere. (Cross-posted at Instapundit.)

IT’S NOT OVER IN THAILAND: Some of the Red Shirt leaders may have surrendered in Bangkok, but violence is spreading. Michael Yon is posting updates on his Facebook page and is getting picked up by Thai media, while Joshua Kurlantzick publishes a piece in Foreign Policy explaining what led to all this.

ROUGH RIDE IN THE MIDDLE EAST: Michael Young at Reason reviews Lee Smith’s book The Strong Horse: Power, Politics, and the Clash of Arab Civilizations. If you want to know what ails the Arab world, Smith is your man and this is your book.

EVEN CRIPPLING OR BITING sanctions would most likely fail to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons, but Marty Peretz says what’s on offer right now is feeble and flaccid. “This will only encourage Tehran to be more and more truculent in its nuclear pursuits. This faces the United States and the West with the option of force. Or Israel with the imperative of force.”

THE OTHER IRAQ: It has been a while since I’ve been to Iraqi Kurdistan, but Abe Greenwald is there now and wrote a strong piece for Commentary.