How to Get Your Name in My Book

I am now almost half-finished writing my book about revolution, terrorism, and war in the Middle East, with an emphasis on Hezbollah, Lebanon, Israel, and Iran. (Books about Iraq, publishers tell me, no longer sell well.)
Though I’m probably not the best judge of my own work, I’m nevertheless confident that what I’ve written so far is some of the best material I have ever produced. And I’m enjoying the process of writing it much more than I thought I would.
My monthly income, though, is taking a hit because I’m spending time on a book that might otherwise be spent on writing that pays. Finding the right balance between writing short pieces for money to live on and working on a long project that doesn’t pay (yet) isn’t easy. No matter how I choose to manage my time right now, I cannot finish this book in a reasonable amount of time and simultaneously earn as much as I need to. My expenses are low, but they are not zero.
So I’d like to ask a serious favor of those of you who can afford it.
Everyone who donates a thousand dollars or more for this project will see their name on the Acknowledgements page of my book and will receive a signed and numbered copy when it is published. I’m not asking those of you who earn a middle class salary or less to donate that kind of money. I can’t afford to give anyone a thousand dollars. Most people can’t. A few can, though, and if you’re one of those people and you decide to help me out, your name goes in my book.
The book will be published one way or another. A few publishers are interested in the manuscript already, and if none choose to publish it, I’ll publish it myself through There is no chance that I’ll spend this much time and energy on a book only to watch it languish unread in my desk drawer. I have an audience of thousands for it right here.
Donations of any size are appreciated, as always. Believe me, every little bit helps free up the time, energy, and attention I need for the book. And I am more grateful for that kind of assistance than words or an in-print Acknowledgement could ever convey.
And don’t worry: I won’t let this Web site go dark in the meantime. I owe it to you all to continue publishing here, and I have more on the way.
You can make a one-time donation through Pay Pal:
[paypal_tipjar /]
Alternatively, you can make recurring monthly payments.
[paypal_monthly /]
If you would like to donate and you don’t want to send money over the Internet, please consider sending a check or money order to:
Michael Totten
P.O. Box 312
Portland, OR 97207-0312
Many thanks in advance.



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