Michael Totten

Problem with Internet Explorer 7

I took Site Meter off the site, at least temporarily, because readers using Internet Explorer 7 “could no longer access this page”:http://www.inquisitr.com/2097/site-meter-causing-internet-explorer-failure/.
If you’re using Internet Explorer 7, do yourself and me a favor. Stop it. Seriously. It’s crap. Use Firefox. “It’s free and vastly superior”:http://www.mozilla-us.com/firefox.htm.
I had to strip down my Web site because of Microsoft’s horrible product. Every other Web browser in the world has no trouble accessing my site.
UPDATE: Site Meter tech support tells me this is fixed, so I put the code back in. Obviously you can’t even read this if the problem persists, but if you can read this and are using Internet Explorer 7, please let me know in the comments. Many thanks in advance.