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Hugging the flag

By Abu Kais

Tomorrow, Hizbullah’s orcs and friends will invade downtown Beirut in an attempt to topple the government.

March 14 is asking its supporters to hug their flags and wait for the storm to pass.


Prime Minister Fouad Siniora delivered another pretty speech which I won’t quote, because I think it’s useless, given that the man will keep turning the other cheek until he ends up on Hizbullah and Assad’s cross.

My emotions are clearly running high. All I see in front me, as a Lebanese Shia, is Nasrallah’s face as he kidnaps my child into the servitude of his dark lords.

Earlier today, I published this post on my blog:

When Israel launched its retaliatory war in Lebanon this summer, some in Lebanon shouted: "We are all Hizbullah."

On Friday, Syria and Iran will launch an attack on Lebanon. They have recruited an Islamist militia armed and funded by an anti-democracy clerical regime. They have also recruited a mentally disturbed former army general with Napoleonic tendencies. They have recruited Palestinian refugees and Syrians languishing under a despotic regime.

They have recruited a “president” who thinks his duty is to call for civil disobedience against the very government he heads.

They have recruited Lebanese “citizens” brainwashed by theology and false messiahs.

On Friday, Lebanon will be attacked. Downtown Beirut will be sullied by the boots of Iranian, Syrian and Aounist orcs.

March 14 should not let this happen unopposed. If Hizbullah thinks it has the right to “defend” Lebanon any way it sees fit, then we have the right to fight for its future.

Downtown Beirut belongs to all. Do not let it be sullied by the defenders of darkness.

Beat them to freedom square. Form a human shield around Rafik Hariri’s site; Another Human shield around the government building; A Human shield around Samir Kassir’s statue; Human shield around Gebran Tueni’s An-Nahar; Human shield around the Martyrs’ statue.

March 14, mobilize the masses to Baabda. Resume the Cedar Revolution.

If they are all Hizbullah yesterday, today and tomorrow– we are all Lebanon, forever.


Very few agreed with my call. I don’t understand what we, Lebanese, are waiting for. More assassinations? Nasrallah thanking Syria again? My argument is this:

There are no available means in Lebanon to ward off Hizbullah and Aoun. They will not be stopped until an offensive is launched, and it won’t be through his cabinet or parliament. My family is there and I don’t want war to break out. It probably won’t. But giving them flowers and turning the other cheek won’t cut it. The army, security forces and the presidency cannot touch them because they are practically in control of all that. Let’s admit this for once. Siniora is completely helpless. There is nothing he can do, even if he wanted to. Take it from Berri. He goes with the flow, and the flow right now is towards Iran. With the US’s hands tied up in Iraq, I don’t see any other solution but to duke it out. I don’t mean war, but tit for tat, street for street, and [the presidential palace in] Baabda is the target. Enough with wasting time. They have made up their mind.

I am willing to be convinced that there is another solution. I just don’t see what it is.

Update. Lebanese blogger R from Voices On The Wind agrees: march to Baabda.

The lines are drawn, and its obvious who is about to cross them. I suggest that March 14 pre-empt any "opposition" moves and mobilize its own public to camp in downtown, in defence of the Siniora government. The Siniora government should prove that it is worth defending, by appointing new ministers to replace the resigned 6 and murdered 1 and then wait for the general in baabda to sign, which he won’t. At that point, it would be time to march to baabda… Take the initiative goddamnit…


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