Egyptian "Morals"

Somehow Egypt has startlingly prudish sex laws on the books and at the same time tolerates despicable sexual aggression against women in public.
Egyptian blogger Big Pharoah explains how some of his country’s laws work:


If I went out and arranged with an Egyptian girl, the hotel will report us both to the police and we’ll get arrested for “indecent acts”. In Egypt, the reception has to see the marriage certificate of the Egyptian couple before they can get a double room.
If I hooked up with a foreigner, I will get arrested and she’ll walk as freely as she entered the hotel gate.
If I was a holder of a foreign passport and I walked up to the reception desk with 10 Ukrainian prostitutes all wearing G strings, the reception guy will roll out the red carpet for me. Why? Because we’re all foreigners and in Egypt foreigners or holders of foreign passports have the freedom to sin while we Egyptians don’t.

Meanwhile, Egyptian Sandmonkey reports the following news in the wake of the horrific sexual assault rampages in downtown Cairo:


Yesterday was the second sexual harrassment protest in downtown cairo against what went down in the eid incident. And while the first one passed without incident, the police has cracked down on the second one. On my way there I bumped into Sharkawy, who told me that its nearly impossible to get to the protest: State security cars were everywhere, and police agents were blocking anyone from reaching the protest area, so they had to cancel it. The few activists who were there, however, were harassed, beaten up and arrested.


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