Our Bastards

I need a one-day break from the doom and gloom of the ongoing Middle Eastern catastrophe. Since I have no affection whatsoever for either American political party, and since bitching about the government is one of our ever-popular past-times, I’m going to indulge in some slightly juvenile behavior today — photo gallery style. Hopefully you will laugh at least once. If not, lighten up!
Here are some pictures of American politicians.


Bill Clinton.jpg
Bill Clinton, Democrat

Alan Keyes.jpg
Alan Keyes, Republican

John Kerry.jpg
John Kerry, Democrat

John McCain.jpg
John McCain, Republican

Nancy Pelosi.jpg
Nancy Pelosi, Democrat

Dennis Hastert.jpg
Dennis Hastert, Republican

Hillary Clinton.jpg
Hillary Clinton, Democrat

Dick Cheney.jpg
Dick Cheney, Republican

Howard Dean.jpg
Howard Dean, Democrat

Donald Rumsfeld.jpg
Donald Rumsfeld, Republican

John Murtha.jpg
John Murtha, Democrat

George W Bush.jpg
George W. Bush, Republican

Teresa Heinz Kerry.jpg
Teresa Heinz Kerry, Democrat

Jeb Bush.JPG
Jeb Bush, Republican

Dennis Kucinich.jpg
Dennis Kucinich, Democrat

Lincoln Chafee.jpg
Lincoln Chafee, Republican

Jimmy Carter.jpg
Jimmy Carter, Democrat

Rudy Giuliani.jpg
Rudy Giuliani, (male) Republican


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