Michael Totten


FROM BEIRUT TO JERUSALEM: Lee Smith, recently of Beirut, Lebanon, is now filing dispatches from Jerusalem.
THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF of Kuwait’s Arab Times says Hezbollah has found itself in a quagmire. (Hat tip: Stephen Meyer by email.)
WIDENING THE WAR AGAIN: Israel is bombing Christian and Sunni areas in Lebanon.
EVISCERATED: Al Bawaba says Hezbollah’s social network is torn to shreds. (Hat tip: Tony Badran via email.)
BELT OF DESTRUCTION: Here are aerial photographs of the “belt of misery,” Hezbollah’s stronghold in Beirut’s southern suburbs, before and after the war began.
INSIDE THE MIND OF THE ISRAELI LEFT: Many of those who pushed for Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000 now say they were wrong.
NOT OVER SOON: Iran says it will supply Hezbollah with surface-to-air missiles. “Iranian authorities conveyed a message to the Hezbollah leadership that their forces would continue to receive a steady supply of weapons systems.”