Michael Totten

Viva la Muerte!

By Callimachus:
Hezbollah rockets kill two Arab Israeli boys in Nazareth, but the Arab resident of the town blame Israel, at least when the microphones are turned on.

“It’s war, and we are stuck in the middle,” said his brother, Omar Talussi. “All the world knows the reason, everybody knows.”
Another mourner chimed in: “It’s Israel’s fault.”
“That’s it,” Omar Talussi said, wiping his hands in a motion of disgust.
Many Arabs here, who are Israeli citizens, feel they are involved in their own low-level fight with Israel.
Though they make up about 20 percent of Israel’s population, their towns often get less development money than comparable Jewish areas and their average incomes are usually far less than those of the general population.

For that you feed your children to the missiles?

“Everybody knows it was an accident,” said Afif Zidani, who acted as a translator for the grieving family.
Though Hezbollah offered no public apology for the killings, many here heard rumors of one and that was good enough for them.

It would be morbidly funny if it were’s so sad.
As Amba says:

A supporter of Israel cannot help but writhe in agony at the horrible spectacle of the suffering, death and displacement of Lebanese civilians, their neighborhoods and lives shattered by the wrath of Israeli warplanes hunting down Hezbollah terrorists who hide in their midst.
How do you deal a decisive, clean blow to a terrorist organization that uses its own neighbors as human shields? You don’t. You either grant them an unacceptable kind of immunity, or you go after them, whatever it takes, and become a hated slaughterer yourself. The terrorists are not blamed, because, after all, they were not harming their neighbors; only living and quietly stockpiling arms among them, and even dispensing social services. The death and destruction they call down on their neighbors serves their purposes, and they have proven before that they have no scruples about sacrificing Muslim lives for the cause. (Two Israeli Arab boys were killed by a Hezbollah rocket that struck Nazareth.) But they are not blamed. Even though the catastrophe for their people may prove a perverse victory for them. Because their power feeds on chaos, suffering, and rage.
This is how terrorists have the world by the balls.