Michael Totten

Great American export

One of the best British blogs is The Daily Ablution, written by ex-pat Yank Scott Burgess. In his daily evisceration of The Guardian, Burgess alights upon absurd details missed by that newspaper and those other sections of the British media that have become apologists for the Islamo-fascists. For example, commenting on the treatment of British traitor Feroz Abbasi in Guantanamo Bay:

While all of these acts are undeniably horrifying, being on a par with the worst excesses of Torquemada, even their totality pales in comparison with the most extreme of the tortures to which Mr. Abbasi was subjected.
Of course, countless abuses have been committed against war prisoners throughout the ages – no one denies that. But, while not downplaying their suffering, it must be admitted that even the most unfortunate of these victims can only breathe a sigh of relief that he was not subject to what Mr. Abbasi was forced to endure when he:

had his peanut butter eaten by a guard “right in front of him”.

One needn’t be a bleeding heart to shudder at the inhumanity thus displayed.

But Scott, was it crunchy or smooth?
Andrew Apostolou (no need to clean them yet).