Michael Totten

Columbia for sale

Further to Lee Smith’s guest post, here’s an article by Mohamed Eljahmi, a Libyan-American whose brother Fathi is under lock and key in Libya. Eljahmi points out that Columbia University is taking Libyan money for a conference which will involve Col. Qadhafi participating by teleconference. Among the great seats of learning with which Columbia has decided to associate itself are “Tripolis (sic) Green Book Center” (NYT article on this outfit here). Perhaps the Colonel will enlighten Columbia on his theory that the CIA created and spread AIDS.
Note that Columbia gingerly refers to Qadhafi as the “Libyan leader.” He’s paying so they can’t call him a dictator. Still on his own wesbite, Qadhafi does use his military title.
The head of the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia hosting this shindig is Lisa Anderson, who gave this laughable speech at the Middle East Studies Association in 2003, who took a partly Saudi paid junket in 2004 and who is not to be confused with this Lisa Anderson (internet searches can yield odd results).
Andrew Apostolou (in clean jim jams).